Rewarded Ads

A rewarded ad is an ad format in which the end user is rewarded either in-game currency or an item for completing a video view. Rewarded ads are identifiable via a reward flag in the bid request extension:

"ext": {
  "reward": 1


  • DSPs must be OpenRTB 2.5-compliant to access rewarded ad via Marketplace. The format has been integrated into to the MoPub OpenRTB 2.5 specifications.

  • All MoPub Marketplace inventory requires fully secure creatives, as specified by the field. Refer to our SSL Compliance.

  • No certification is required for DSPs to leverage rewarded ads, but testing in the MoPub Demand Platform is recommended.

Understand Rewarded Ads

The publisher owns the rewards transaction. Publishers never offer real money in exchange for video views. The award is native to the app’s economy. For example, gaming apps award some currency that allows users to keep playing the game. Non-gaming apps may offer premium access to the app for a week in exchange for watching a video, for example.

Rewarded ads typicall command higher CPMs than other types of video; the CPMs vary, but range from $6-$20. With regard to billing, everything still occurs on the CPM, and we charge DSPs when we display the player, just like we do with VAST. The only difference is the completion rates, which should be significantly higher.

Rewarded Ad Video Attributes

  • Video size: Rewarded ad videos are always fullscreen.

  • Aspect ratios: All video aspect ratio sizes are supported, including 16:9, 4:3, 3:2, and 16:10. Per the IAB Digital Video Ad Format Guidelines, 16:9 is the recommended aspect ratio to send for fullscreen. For iPads, 4:3 aspect ratios are recommended.

  • Video orientation: * As of June 2019, VAST videos automatically render in the same orientation as the user’s mobile device (that is, portrait or landscape).

  • Video duration: Duration varies based on the rewarded ad format. VAST and MRAID playables should be 30 seconds, and rewarded display should be five seconds.

    MoPub cannot detect video duration prior to going live. If the DSP sends a video that exceeds 30 seconds, and this is detected by our internal monitoring process or by a publisher, a policy violation will be issued.

  • Countdown timer: All rewarded ads have an initial non-skippable five-second countdown timer.

  • End cards: We support VAST videos with end cards and MRAID-enabled end cards. We don’t support end cards on MRAID ads. Please speak with your account team if you are interested in these units.

  • Sound settings: We will respect the device’s audio setting when the request is made, just as we do with fullscreen video. Users won’t be able to toggle volume on the screen, but can toggle on the device.

  • CTA: There is a CTA with a 15-character limit, like in regular video. It is only displayed at the very end, if there is no end card. The CTA experience with rewarded ads is the same as with a 15-second regular video.

VAST Details

  • Video support: When running VAST video, there are no fundamental changes to the video player. Support for VAST elements and attributes, including protocols, video mime types, companion banners, and more, is the same as interstitial video support.

  • Video protocols: MoPub supports VAST 2.0, VAST 2.0 wrappers, VAST 3.0, and VAST 3.0 wrappers; however, this is dependent on SDK version.

  • File size: Our VAST file size requirements are consistent across the exchange.

    Creative Type Optimal Ok Suboptimal
    VAST Video 2-3mb 5mb 10mb+
  • Orientation: Starting in June 2019, the MoPubForceOrientation VAST extension has been deprecated, and DSPs can safely remove this extention from their VAST ad markup. Note that Android SDKs v5.7.1 and earlier will continue to respect MoPubForceOrientation portrait and landscape flags. Our video player will always pick the best video option from the VAST tag.

Additional Notes

  • Supported ad types: The rewarded ads format supports all fullscreen ad types including, but not limited to, VAST, MRAID, and HTML. The rewarded ad format supports MRAID playable companion ads.

  • CloudFront in China: If you are using CloudFront and targeting mainland China, your CDN-hosted content may not display. This can be caused by a variety of factors (such as latency or inability to download content). Amazon CloudFront’s content delivery article states the following:

    “Amazon CloudFront uses a global network of edge locations, located near your end users in the United States, Europe, Asia, South America and Australia. Amazon CloudFront edge locations are currently not available inside of China.”

  • Reporting: Rewarded ad data is available in MoPub Analytics. However, MoPub Analytics does not provide reporting for VAST events at this time.

  • Tracking: Rewarded ad leverages the same players for VAST Video. Refer to the VAST specification for supported trackers.

  • Mime types: The video player should support the same mime types supported for interstitial videos.

Rewarded Ad Experience

Rewarded ads facilitate a value exchange between the user and the app developer. The workflow is as follows:

  1. User chooses to watch a rewarded ad in exchange for in-app currency.

    User watches a video

  2. A video plays.
    • DSPs are charged at the start of the video when the webview player appears on screen.
    • Video can be up to 30 seconds long.
    • Videos also support static and HTML end-cards.

    User is rewarded

  3. The app developer rewards the user with an in-app reward after the video completes.

    User is rewarded

OpenRTB Overview

OpenRTB Requirements

Build to MoPub OpenRTB 2.5 to ingest the rewarded ad and skip extensions.

Bid Request Updates

  • Sample bid request: Refer to our our integration documentation.

  • videotype: MoPub added an extension field (videotype) to MoPub RTB 2.3 so that DSPs can target rewarded ad requests: The value for the videotype field is set to ‘rewarded’, and the videotype field is not present on non-rewarded requests.

  • skip: MoPub also added skip to the extension, where skip:0 is non-skippable video. At this time, the skip field is not present on non-rewarded requests.

  • banner: This is a video-only request, and the banner object will not be present.

Bid Response Updates

There are no updates for rewarded ad, and buyers should return a VAST bid response.

  • Sample bid response: Refer to the OpenRTB 2.5 sample video bid response.

  • Video duration: Duration must be equal to or less than the maximum duration of 30 seconds.


Build to MoPub OpenRTB 2.3 and ingest the new videotype and skip within extension field. Test rewarded ads in the Demand Platform Sandbox.


What are the completion rates? Is this exposed anywhere?

Completion rates, as for all video, are not publicly available. Anecdotally, we have heard from buyers that rewarded ads have a 97%-99% completion rate on Marketplace.

How much inventory will be available to DSPs?

116M worldwide auctions, and 10M uniques are available. Most of our supply is concentrated in EMEA (3.7M uniques) + APAC (2.72), followed by LATAM (3M) + NAM (1.8M).

Will I see an increase or decrease in general video requests?

Most rewarded inventory will be net new inventory (increase), but there will be some publishers who plan to move their regular video over to rewarded once it becomes available on Marketplace (small decrease).

How many QPS can I expect to see for rewarded ad?

The maximum available as of March 30, 2021, is 15,000.

Is the rewarded ad format available outside of the open market; specifically, is it available for PMP?


Last updated July 13, 2021

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