Native Browser Clicks

MoPub provides a native browser click scheme to force the click destination of ads to occur within the device’s native browser instead of the default MoPub in-app browser.


  • Locate the intended click destination URL within the ad creative code and copy it.
  • Encode the URL if it is not already URL encoded.
  • Place the native browser click scheme before the encoded URL as shown below.
  • Replace the intended click destination URL with the newly created URL.
  • Test to confirm correct behavior.
  • The native browser clicks are not supported in any other field e.g. bid.ext.clicktrackers and



  • OpenRTB 2.5
    • All in-service SDK versions support native browser click so imp.ext.brsrclk was dropped from the bid request to save network traffic.
  • OpenRTB 2.3
    • You can target this functionality via the imp.ext.brsrclk field on the request. If set to 1, native browser click is supported by the requesting SDK.

Last updated September 14, 2021

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