MoPub supports the following creatives.

HTML Display Ads

Display ads, including fullscreen ad units, medium rectangles, and banners, help our buyers scale on mobile with images or rich media. Learn More

MRAID Rich Media Ads

MRAID (Mobile Rich-Media Ad Interface Definitions), is a framework for mobile advertisers and publishers that allows rich media ad creatives to run across all compliant devices and applications. Learn More

VAST Video Ads

VAST video ads are one of the most powerful ways to engage with consumers. On mobile, video provides an unmatched experience: the fullscreen format captivates the user and brings the advertiser’s message to life. MoPub supports both in banner video and VAST. Learn More

Native Ads

Native ads on MoPub are high quality, content-driven experiences that engage consumers by matching the look and feel of an app’s user interface. Because the ads complement the in-app experience, consumers are more likely to consume and engage with your ads. MoPub supports Native static creatives. Learn More

Creative Experiences

MoPub supports the following Creative Experiences.

Rewarded Ads

Rewarded Ads is an ad experience in which the end-user is rewarded in-game currency or an item for completing a video view. Learn More

Last updated September 14, 2021

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