Rewarded Ads

A rewarded ad is an creative experience in which the end user is rewarded either in-game currency or an item for completing a video view.

Rewarded ads are identifiable via a BidRequest.imp.ext.reward flag in the bid request extension:

    "ext": {
      "reward": 1


  • Bidders must be OpenRTB 2.5-compliant to access rewarded ads via Marketplace. The format has been integrated into to the MoPub OpenRTB 2.5 specifications.

  • MoPub requires fully secure creatives.

  • No certification is required for bidders to leverage rewarded ads, but testing in the MoPub Demand Platform is recommended.

Rewarded Ads

MoPub supports the following ad experiences:

  • Rewarded Video Ads: VAST 2.0 & VAST 3.0. VPAID is not supported.
  • Rewarded Playable Ads: MRAID 1.0 and MRAID 2.0.
  • Rewarded Display Ads: HTML5

Features of Rewarded Ads starting in SDK 5.18+:

  • More Creative Options: Rewarded Ads contain both video and banner objects in the bid request.

  • Immediately Clickable: Rewarded ads will now be clickable immediately in order to remove friction for users who want to engage with an ad before a time enforcement is met. Note: the rewarded duration will still be enforced upon the user returning from the landing page.

  • companionad object support: The is now supported. Previously, only companiontype was supported.

  • Countdown timer: All rewarded ads have an initial non-skippable five-second countdown timer.

Rewarded Video Ads

VAST Video Ads served into a rewarded creative experience.

  • Video size: Rewarded ad videos always appear as interstitials.

  • Aspect ratios: All video aspect ratio sizes are supported, including 16:9, 4:3, 3:2, and 16:10. Per the IAB Digital Video Ad Format Guidelines, 16:9 is the recommended aspect ratio to send for fullscreen. For iPads, 4:3 aspect ratios are recommended.

  • Video orientation: VAST videos automatically render in the same orientation as the user’s mobile device.

  • Video duration: Duration varies based on the rewarded ad format. VAST and MRAID playables should be 30 seconds, and rewarded display should be five seconds.

  • End cards: We support VAST videos with end cards and MRAID-enabled end cards. We don’t support end cards on MRAID ads.

  • Sound settings: We will respect the device’s audio setting when the request is made, just as we do with fullscreen video. Users won’t be able to toggle volume on the screen, but can toggle on the device.

  • CTA: There is a CTA with a 15-character limit, like in regular video. It is only displayed at the very end, if there is no end card. The CTA experience with rewarded ads is the same as with a 15-second regular video.

  • Combined Time Enforcement for Videos and Endcards: MoPub will guarantee a combined time enforcement for rewarded and non-rewarded videos and endcards to maintain user attention. Thresholds are dependent on the video duration.

  • Playable End Cards for VAST: Support for MRAID and HTML end cards for VAST video.

  • Countdown timer: All VAST Video Ads have an initial non-skippable thirty-second countdown timer.

Rewarded Playable Ads

All Playable Ads served into a rewarded creative experience.

  • Countdown timer: All Playable Ads have an initial non-skippable thirty-second countdown timer.

Rewarded Display Ads

All other non-VAST, non-Playable Ads served into a rewarded creative experience.

  • Rewarded Display Ads: Respond with HTML/MRAID display ads which will be time enforced to increase user attention.

  • Countdown timer: All Display Ads have an initial non-skippable five-second countdown timer.


Please refer to Testing Creatives Without a Bidder and Testing Creatives with a Bidder for more details.

Last updated September 14, 2021

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