Testing Creatives Without a Bidder

Use these instructions to check that your creatives render correctly in the MoPub SDK. Note that testing without a bidder only validates how your creative displays and behaves; it does not tell you whether bid requests and responses are being sent and received. For the more elaborate end-to-end testing of your MoPub integration, refer to Testing With a Bidder.

Overview of Testing Without a Bidder

For this testing, you’ll create a MoPub publisher test account with an instance of the MoPub Sample App, then confirm that your creatives render as expected in the app.

Testing without a bidder involves the following steps:

  1. Create a MoPub publisher test account.
  2. Create an app and ad units.
  3. Create an order and line items.
  4. Download our sample app.
  5. Validate.

The MoPub Sample App

MoPub provides a sample app you can use to discover how a creative behaves across various ad formats. Use our sample app with the understanding that it will be used only for non-revenue-generating, internal testing purposes.

We provide a MoPub Sample App for iOS and a MoPub Sample App for Android, which you can access globally from a browser.

Supported Ad Sizes

The following ad sizes are supported on the MoPub platform:

  • Phone: Banner (320×50), MRect (300×250), Interstitial and Rewarded Ad (320×480), and Native (custom defined dimensions)
  • Tablet: Leaderboard (728×90), MRect (300×250), Interstitial and Rewarded Ad (1024×768), and Native (custom defined dimensions)

Step 1. Create a MoPub Publisher Test Account

Create an account at https://app.mopub.com/register.

Step 2. Create an App and Ad Units

Every app must have a minimum of one ad unit; we provide instructions for you to optionally add more ad units to test different creative formats.

  1. Navigate to the Apps tab and click New App.

  2. Select Add your app manually.

  3. Choose Android or iOS.

  4. Complete the form with the app details.

    • Enter a placeholder value for the iTunes URL/package name; for example: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fake_app_1234/id433359 or com.fake.MyOwnTestApp.

    • You can set the primary and secondary categories to any value.

    • Make sure to check the COPPA compliance option; leaving it blank generates an error.

  5. Click Save and Create ad unit.

  6. Fill out the information to create an ad unit to use for testing.

  7. Click Save and View Code Integration.

  8. Note the provided ad unit ID; you will need this later.

Step 3. Create an Order and Line Items

Now that you have created an ad unit, create an order with one or more line items to serve a creative to your ad unit. Each ad unit you created in Step 2 should only have a single line item serving to it. This line item should only contain a single creative of a single dimension (such as 320×50) that targets the corresponding ad unit with the same dimensions.

  1. Create a new order by navigating to the Orders tab and clicking Create Order.

  2. Select the settings for your order. Here are some sample settings:

    • Order name: Name it something that describes the type of line-items you are creating (ie: MRAID_certification_iOS only)
    • Advertiser: ‘None’
    • Description: Optional

    Click Save & create line item.

  3. Create a guaranteed line item. Enter the line item settings.

    • Line item name: Name your line-item with as much detail as possible as it relates to the platform/tag size you will be serving (for example, MRAID-cert-Android-Phone-320×50) Type: ‘Guaranteed’ Priority: ‘1’ Budgeting & schedule: select the Start immediately option and ignore the other options
  4. Click Next.

  5. Select the ad units you will use to test the line item and click Next.

  6. Ignore Audience targeting settings and click Save.

  7. Set up the creative you wish to test by completing the New Creative form.

Step 4. Download Our Sample App

Install the MoPub Sample App on your iOS and Android test devices.

iOS Sample App

The iOS sample app hosted on this page will always be integrated with the latest MoPub iOS SDK. When a new SDK is released; you must re-install the latest version from this page. The app will not auto-update on your test device.

  1. Open the MoPub Sample App for iOS on your iOS test device (iPhone or iPad).

  2. Click Install. Once installed, the app appears on your device’s home screen. Open the app.

  3. In the app, click the ! icon in the top left corner of the main screen to display the SDK version with which your sample app is integrated. Confirm that this SDK version matches our most recent version by checking our iOS MoPub SDK release notes.

Android Sample App

The Android app hosted on this page will always be integrated with the latest MoPub Android SDK. When a new SDK is released; the sample app should auto-update via the Google Play store service.

  1. Search the Google Play Store for “mopub” on your Android test device (phone or tablet) and download/install the MoPub Sample App.

  2. Click Install and then open the app once installed.

  3. In the app, check the bottom of the main screen for “SDK Version major.minor.build”. Confirm that this SDK version matches our most recent version by checking our Android MoPub SDK release notes..

Step 5. Validate

Validate that your creatives load and display in the MoPub Sample App.

  1. Retrieve the ad unit ID you wrote down from Step 2. You can also find the ad unit ID in the URL of your ad unit of the MoPub UI, as shown. Another option is to use the QR Code functionality within the Sample App to scan the QR Code that can be found at Edit Ad Unit > View Code Integration.

    Ad Unit ID URL Location

  2. Open the MoPub Sample App on your test device.

  3. Carefully enter your ad unit into the Ad Unit Id field. To avoid typos, email the ad unit ID to your test device and then copy/paste it into this field. Another option is to use the QR Code functionality within the Sample App to scan the QR Code that can be found at Edit Ad Unit > View Code Integration in the Publisher UI.

    iOS Android
    iOS Sample App Screenshot Android Sample App Screenshot
  4. Select the Ad Type (banner, interstitial, etc.) that corresponds to your ad unit. This must match your ad unit’s size configuration in the UI.

  5. Enter a descriptive name under Name (for example, ‘Testing MRAID banner for Nike campaign’). The name does not have to match what is configured in the UI.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Select your new ad unit from the main page and click Load Ad.

  8. Your creative should render. If your bidder is responding to the bid request, a successful test will display your ad in the sample app.


If Your Ad Fails to Load on Your Test Device

  • Confirm again that your ad unit ID is entered correctly.

  • Confirm that all settings under Geo, Connectivity, and Device Targeting in your line item are as unrestricted as possible.

  • Verify that your ad unit ID device type (iOS/Android) and size match the device type on which you are testing.

  • Make sure that your creative type/size (banner/interstitial) match the ad unit size to which you are trafficking that specific creative.

If your VAST Video Creative Fails to Load

VAST video testing must be performed through end-to-end testing in the MoPub Marketplace. Refer to Testing with a Bidder to set up end-to-end testing.

If the Preview Feature in the UI Fails to Properly Preview Your Creative

Is your creative MRAID?

  • If yes: Only HTML/JS creatives will render in this feature; MRAID creatives must be trafficked/tested in the sample app.

  • If no: Confirm that your creative renders successfully in any other environments.

If You Want to Use the Native Manual JSON Option

If you want to use Native Manual JSON instead of the Easy Form option, ensure that your JSON is in the following format:

{ "ctatext": "Install Now!", "iconimage": "https://iconimg.jpeg", "mainimage": "https://mainimg.gif", "text": "This is your text", "title": "Enter Title" }

If You Have Additional Issues

Please visit the Support Center and file a ticket with the following information:

  • Email subject: MoPub Sample App Creative Testing Help
  • MoPub UI account email
  • Link to the specific ad unit you are targeting
  • Link to the specific line item that is serving the ad unit you are testing

Last updated September 14, 2021

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