Enroll in MoPub docs beta features

MoPub Docs Beta Program

This page contains a list of beta features for the developer documentation center. Proceed with caution as beta features can be buggy. They may also be removed without notice.

To participate in a beta, get in touch with your MoPub account representative. Once approved, enroll in the beta program by clicking the enroll button below. You will be authenticated using your email address, so make sure to use the one you have mentioned to your MoPub representative.




MoPub has localized the developer documentation and is opening the beta program to prospective users. With localization, you will be able to browse the developer documentation in any of the supported languages. As of today, the beta program consists of 9: Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, French, Portuguese, German, Russian, Spanish

Look for the language menu dropdown at the topright corner of every page, and that's where you will be able to read content in your preferred language.