Device Identifiers

MoPub support for device identifiers in OpenRTB includes advertising identifiers (IFA), vendor identifiers (IFV) and frequency capping identifiers (

If the IFA is not available, MoPub provides DSPs with an alternative, limited-scope device identifier in order to provide basic non-targeting functionality to advertisers.

Examples of this include frequency capping, fraud detection and analytics. Below is a detailed list of supported identifiers and their scope.

Advertising Identifiers

MoPub supports the following user-resettable device identifiers via the BidRequest.device.ifa field:

Vendor Identifiers

MoPub supports the following vendor device identifier via the BidRequest.device.ext.ifv field:

  • iOS: ID for Vendors (IDFV) when IDFA is not available
  • Android: No vendor ID equilvalent currently exists on Android

Frequency Capping Identifiers

MoPub supports the following vendor device identifiers via the field:

  • iOS: IDFA (when available), else IDFV (when avaliable), else a per app MoPub-specific device identifier
  • Android: GAID or AID (when available) else a per app MoPub-specific device identifier

Bid request

Here are the fields where DSPs can find these device identifiers.

Attribute Description Type Example
BidRequest.device.ifa Preferred device identifier to pass. For iOS, is all zeros unless permission to track has been granted. string "ifa": "5CD1D2BF-7958-4955-A964-95DBF9ABF780"
BidRequest.device.ext.ifv IDFV of device in that publisher. Only passed when IFA is unavailable or all zeros. string "ifv": "336F2BC0-245B-4242-8029-83762AB47B15" Equal to BidRequest.device.ifa if the IFA is non-zeroes. Else, the IFV if available. Else, a MoPub-specific device identifier for each user within each app. string "id": "9B9BF1EF-0646-467D-A09A-5478B7DFC130"

Last updated August 28, 2021

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