1. What are iframes?

  • Inline frames are often used in online advertising, where the contents of the iframe tag is an ad from an external party. iframes are a common practice in Desktop, but are a deprecating format in mobile due to rendering and reporting issues.

2. Does MoPub support iframes?

  • Inventory running on the MoPub SDK can technically support iframes. However, due to the unpredictability of the ad rendering and reporting properly, we are actively requesting all Demand Partners to NOT serve ad markup that leverages iframes.

3. What are the common issues which arise from iframes in mobile?

  • With iframes, it is difficult to differentiate where a click through should load if content is loaded within an iframe.

    • For example: When the ad is clicked, there is the possibility the landing page will load within the iframe and not expand to the full landing page. In this case, the click is not reported.

4. How does the MoPub SDK work with an iframe?

  • The MoPub SDK provides a web view for the ad markup. There are no limitations to the tag, it is simply loaded within the web view container. The iframe essentially acts as a web view within a web view. If the iframe does not include the target ="_parent", the landing page will load within the web view.

5. Would target = "_blank" also work?

  • "target = _blank" won’t work the same as "target= _parent" because it can open up a new window rather than render the iframe inside of the web browser. If the partner is looking for a target other than "_parent", "_top" would work. We recommend "_blank" to ensure that the iframe is properly nested.

6. How do Third-Party SDKs work with an iframe (AdMarvel, Google Ad Manager)?

  • These SDKS treat any load within the web view as an external load. The landing page loads within the iframe, creating a less than desirable user experience. Depending on how the advertiser passes through the creatives, MoPub and the Demand Partner may or may not be notified of the clicks.

Last updated August 28, 2021

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