Marketplace Data Passing

1. How are location and lat/long values obtained?

  • City, state and country are derived from the IP address via the 3rd party service called MaxMind.
  • Latitude and Longitude Data
    • MoPub SDK 3.3+ The MoPub SDK will obtain latitude and longitude directly from the device if permissions are granted by the user. If the MoPub SDK cannot obtain location data, MoPub will send the latitude and longitude provided by the developer, if explicitly passed by them.
    • Prior to MoPub SDK 3.3 On Android, location information is obtained in one of two ways: either gathered directly from the device, or supplied explicitly by the developer. If the developer supplies a location, that’s what we send in the bid request. MoPub doesn’t control where this location is obtained. If the developer does not supply a location, our MoPub Android SDK will ask the user’s device for a location. This will either be a location as determined by GPS (generally finer), or based on the nearest cell tower / WiFi. On iOS, all location information is supplied explicitly by the developer. The main reason for the difference in behavior across platforms is that on iOS, gathering location data involves a visual prompt to the user, whereas on Android, location collection is silent as long as the user grants permissions upon install.
    • All SDK Versions: In rare cases the developer may send “nan” (not a number) latitude and longitude values. This just means the device latitude and longitude is unavailable.

2. Does your inventory pass 1st party user data?

  • We will pass the below 1st party data if it is available via the “user” object in the bid request:
  • Gender: Gender parsed from the keywords, if present, should be “M” for male and “F” for female.
  • YOB: Year of Birth parsed from the keywords, if present, e.g. “1985”.

3. What values are being passed in the keywords parameter of the bid request?

  • The values which are passed in the “keywords” parameter are set by the publisher at the ad unit (ad size) level.

4. Do you pass the user’s carrier data in the bid requests?

  • We will pass the MNC carrier code (if available) in the bid request via the “carrier” parameter. We first try to return the carrier name from our SDK. If for some reason we are unable to do so, we instead fallback on the IP address of the device.

Last updated August 28, 2021

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