Privacy Information Icon

As per MoPub’s policy, your ad must contain the Privacy Information icon. This icon links to an important privacy notice, and is supported for all ad formats:

  • HTML/MRAID: Supported, must be included in ad markup (all SDK versions).
  • VAST: Supported, must be included in VAST 3.0 ad markup (Android SDK 3.9.0+, iOS all versions).
  • Native: Supported, MoPub’s shows by default, can be swapped out for DSP’s custom privacy icon/url (SDK 5.2.0+)

Native Ads: SDK 5.1 and Below

For SDKs 5.1 and below, the DSP is required to include the MoPub privacy icon in each native creative. If a user clicks on the privacy icon in an app with an SDK 5.1 and below, the user will be taken to the MoPub Opt-Out mobile web page.

Native Ads: SDK 5.2 and Above

For SDKs 5.2 and above, DSPs have the option to submit their own custom privacy icons and URLs for their native creatives.

Native Ads: FAQ

1. Which SDK’s support custom privacy icons and URLS?

Custom privacy icons and URL’s are supported in SDK 5.2.0+.

2. How will the DSP know if they can send their custom privacy URL?

MoPub’s bid request will included a hardcoded value in the bid_request.imp.native.request.native.privacy field.

  • If SDK >= 5.2, the integer 1 is passed
  • If SDK <= 5.2, the field is absent in the request

3. Does the DSP have to send custom privacy icons and URL’s?

No. MoPub’s privacy information icon and URL ( will be present by default for native ads. If a DSP chooses to send their own icon/URL, they may do so in the bid response (provided the hardcoded integer passed through in the bid request is 1).

4. How can the DSP send its own custom privacy URL?

There are two options available.

Option 1: Supports Custom Privacy URL Only

According to the standard Native OpenRTB 1.2 spec, the privacy url can be sent in the{admnative,adm}.native.privacy field. Note, this field can only have the privacy url (the click url).

Example: "privacy": ""

Option 2: Supports Custom Privacy Icon and URL

The privacy URL and privacy icon can be sent at the level.

Example: "privacy": { "image_url": "", "click_url": "" }

5. Are there any best practices for the custom icon iamge?

Yes. Formats: Note that MoPub supports the following image formats: .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png. Size: Recommended icon image size is 120x120 pixels. Minimum image size is 40x40 pixels.

Last updated August 28, 2021

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