Private Marketplace Checklist


Private Marketplace (PMP) Deals are restricted to a allowlist and only available for certain account. If you have questions on if your account is eligible please reach out to your account team.


It is extremely important for the supplier and the buyer to clearly communicate the terms of the Private Marketplace (PMP) deal to ensure proper setup both within the Publisher MoPub UI and within the Buyer bidding technology.

If a deal is not transacting please complete the below checks:


  • Deal ID- the deal ID sent in the bid request must match the deal id returned in the bid response.
  • Endpoint - communicate the correct endpoint name to be used for targeting the deal in the Publisher UI.
  • Geo targeting - is aligned with the inventory being sent by the publisher.
  • Bid CPM - is at or above the gross CPM.
  • QPS throttling - PMP bid requests are not given priority over regular bid requests, if QPS is too constrained the PMP bid requests may not be sent out.
  • Frequency capping - communicate any frequency capping to the publisher.
  • Inventory - ensure your setup for MPX traffic includes the inventory the publisher is sending (i.e. video inventory).


  • Content categories - Is the Override Content blocking settings checked within the PMP line item?
    • If not, are there any account level blocks that could prevent the deal from transacting? Example: adomain, category, etc.
  • DSP Endpoint - make sure the correct endpoint is setup within the PMP line item, some buyers have more than one endpoint connection with MoPub MPX.
  • Frequency capping - communicate any frequency capping to the buyer.
  • Creative size and type - check to make sure the format, size and tag type are aligned.
  • 3rd-party blocking tags - check with 3rd-party vendors to make sure they aren’t blocking the publishers inventory for any reason including bundle ID or app category.
  • Audience targeting - there shouldn’t be any applied for the best results.
  • App Denylist - check to see if you’re blocking the app(s) in the MoPub demand portal and/or on any internal denylists.
  • MoPub Demand Platform Settings: Check to see if app(s) are blocked, or if any additional settings are selected (such as targeting only requests with device IDs and/or lat/long).
  • Impression budgeting - keep your impressions budget high. Setting the budget too low could prevent sending requests out to the DSP.
  • Delivery type - set the delivery type to ‘All at once’.

Last updated August 28, 2021

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