Marketplace Integration and Certification

This document dictates the steps necessary to integrate a bidder into the MoPub Marketplace.

Existing Partners

Please contact your account team or visit the Support Center and file a ticket with any questions with getting started.

New Partners

To get started, please execute the contract, credit application, and evaluation form.

Once completed, you can begin testing your endpoint in the Demand Platform following the steps below.

Bidder Setup

  1. Build your bidder to comply with the MoPub OpenRTB 2.5 spec.

  2. REQUIRED Test your endpoint in the Demand Platform Bidder Sandbox

    NOTE: All fields detailed below are required in the bidder response:

    a. Impression ID: The impression ID sent in your bid response ( must match the unique auction ID sent in the bid request (

    b. Advertiser Domain (adomain): An array of advertiser domain names. For policy guidelines refer to section III Technical Requirements for Advertising Creatives.

    Required by MoPub policy:

    • All Adomains must be passed as the top-level domain with only .com or .countrycode appended. App store URLs are not acceptable.

    • Examples: or or
      • Hay Day Android: “”
      • iOS Nike Running: “”
      • Vodafone: “”
    • For dynamic creatives, the adomain should map to the top-level domain and be for a singular advertiser and single creative id.

    c. Bundle (bundle): Bundle or package name (e.g., of the app being advertised. This is required for apps.

    d. Category (cat): IAB content categories of the creative. Refer to List 5.1 of the OpenRTB spec.

    e. Creative ID (crid): This should uniquely identify the creative for a campaign, and can be used for blocking or identification/aggregation purposes. Creative id’s should not be swapped (i.e. A single id must never have different adomains associated with it). Creative id’s should also never be 1:1 with an impression.

    f. Impression Trackers (burl or imptrackers): For each bid response, the required ‘burl’ or ‘imptrackers’ field must contain the impression tracker URL(s) which will be called from the client device directly to the bidder’s servers upon the auction impression/charge event. At a minimum, the impression tracker URL should include substitution macros for ${AUCTION_ID} and ${AUCTION_PRICE}. More information on supported macros can be found in our OpenRTB specification guides.

    Note: It is imperative that the bidder leverage using the ‘burl’ call because ‘burl’ is triggered via the same SDK-side mechanism that MoPub uses to count successful rendering of the creative, and what you will be billed upon.

  3. To verify that the bid response is valid, please copy/paste the text of a valid and complete bid response from the Demand Platform, save to a txt file, and email directly to your integrations AM.

  4. Your integrations AM will schedule a one-hour integration call with your team. One member from your tech and ad ops team should be present.

  5. Confirm acceptance of our Program Policy by submitting the Acceptance form. Please circulate these policies to all relevant internal team members.

  6. MoPub leverages IAB Category blocking and Creative Attribute Blocking, all partners are required to support this. This data will be passed in the ‘bcat’ and ‘battr’ field.

  7. Complete MoPub Spend Consent Form.

  8. Testing

    1. Create a new test endpoint
      • Your endpoint will be capped at a maximum of 10,000 QPS for testing
    2. Go live on an iOS and Android application.
    3. Spend $100 per supported ad format (banner, interstitial, video, native) using creatives from your top 3 campaigns.
      • While this is a “testing” period, it is live traffic and a real application. You will be placing bids and winning inventory.Once you begin bidding on live inventory you will be billed for the impressions won.
  9. Report Alignment and Troubleshooting

    Compare reporting to the data generated from the impression tracking URL and verify that reporting is less than 5% discrepant. Your integrations AM will confirm the specific time period to pull the reporting for.

    1. Report Breakdown:
      • Date, OS, application, size, creative type, creative id (if possible)
    2. Report Metrics:
      • Cleared impressions (based on ‘burl’ or ‘imptrackers’ field), Auctions Won (if leveraging ‘nurl’), Spend
    3. UTC timezone
  10. Troubleshooting

    • Did you compare all metrics from 8a above?
    • Do the creative IDs have similar discrepancies on the same RTB spec for the same SDK version, OS, and app?
    • Please test your creatives in the MoPub Sample App
  11. Post Testing

    Once reporting alignment is complete, your integrations AM will work with you to customize your bidder setup. Let us know which countries you would like to receive inventory from and whether you have a max QPS your infrastructure can support. The total traffic on the MoPub exchange is currently 112k-250k QPS.

  12. After customized set up is verified and complete, your integrations AM will begin sending traffic to the endpoint of your choice.

  13. One week post-integration, we will do a check-in to review the integration and evaluate how to optimize your account.

iTunes to IAB Category Mapping

iTunes Category IAB Tier I Category IAB Tier II Category
Books IAB1 Arts & Entertainment IAB1-1 Books & Literature
Business IAB3 Business  
Education IAB5 Education  
Entertainment IAB1 Arts & Entertainment  
Finance IAB13 Personal Finance  
Games IAB9 Hobbies & Interests IAB9-30 Video & Computer Games
Healthcare and Fitness IAB7 Health & Fitness  
Lifestyle IAB14 Society  
Medical IAB7 Health & Fitness)  
Music IAB1 Arts & Entertainment IAB1-6 Music
Navigation IAB20 Travel  
News IAB12 News  
Photography IAB9 Hobbies & Interests IAB9-23 Photography
Productivity IAB3 Business  
Reference IAB24 Uncategorized  
Social Networking IAB24 Uncategorized  
Sports IAB17 Sports  
Travel IAB20 Travel  
Utilities IAB3 Business  
Weather IAB15 Science IAB15-10 Weather

Creative Attributes

The values in bold below are always prohibited on the platform.

Value Description
1 Audio Ad (Auto Play)
2 Audio Ad (User Initiated)
3 Expandable (Automatic)
4 Expandable (User Initiated – Click)
5 Expandable (User Initiated – Rollover)
6 In-Banner Video Ad (Auto Play)
7 In-Banner Video Ad (User Initiated)
8 Pop (e.g., Over, Under, or upon Exit)
9 Provocative or Suggestive Imagery
10 Shaky, Flashing, Flickering, Extreme Animation, Smileys
11 Surveys
12 Text Only
13 User Interactive (e.g., Embedded Games)
14 Windows Dialog or Alert Style
15 Has audio on/off button
16 Ad can be skipped (e.g., skip button on preroll video)

Last updated August 28, 2021

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