Rewarded Playables

  • Rewarded Video: VAST 2.0 & VAST 3.0. We do not currently support VPAID.
  • Rewarded Playable: MRAID 1.0 and MRAID 2.0. We do not currently support MRAID 3.0.

2. Can I return other creative types outside of playable and VAST video ads?

  • No, only playable ads and VAST video ads are supported. Any other creatives will not be eligible to participate in the auction.

3. Will I receive rewarded requests that do not support playable ads?

  • Yes. You may receive a rewarded video- if the publisher has playable ads blocked.
  • You can choose to serve VAST ads to these types of requests or not respond with a bid.

4. Will I receive a rewarded playable request that does not include rewarded video support?

  • No. Both the banner and video object will be present.

5. Can the user interact with the non-skippable Playable ad? In case video is replaced by Playable ad?

  • If DSP’s serve a Playable Fullscreen Interstitial (non-rewarded) to a user, they can engage with the creative.
  • If DSP’s respond with a Playable ad for a Rewarded Video request, the user is opting into the experience for a minimum of 30 seconds.

6. Is there any difference in MoPub implementation versus the standard IAB?

  • MoPub closely aligns with the OpenRTB 2.3 spec, designed by IAB. There are some extensions that exist within our current spec which allow you to take advantage of fields that may not exist within IAB’s OpenRTB 2.3, such as Object: video.ext which is used to identify Rewarded Video requests.
  • You can review the MoPub OpenRTB spec for more information.

7. How much inventory will be available to DSPs?

  • You can view rewarded video + rewarded playable requests by filtering on the following dimensions in the Metamarkets Inventory View:
    • Video Format Enabled = Rewarded Video
  • Video Inventory Enabled
    • Video and Static Enabled auctions
      • Support both rewarded playable and rewarded video ads
  • Video Only auctions
    • Support only rewarded videos

8. You can a identify Bid Requests that supported Rewarded Video & Rewarded Playables?

  • You can identify Bid Requests that supported Rewarded Video & Rewarded Playables by looking for the following:
  • Video extension field, videotype, is present ( and videotype is set to rewarded
  • Video extension field, skip is present where where skip is set to integer 0 (
  • Banner object will be present and 13 will not be blocked in the banner battr field (bid_request.imp.banner.battr != 13)

9. Can I control the creative length?

  • Not at this point in time. Users will not have the ability to exit the ad until 30 seconds have passed.

10. What Aspect ratios are supported by MoPub for Rewarded Playables?

  • All video aspect ratio sizes are supported, including 16:9, 4:3, 3:2 and 16:10. Per the IAB Digital Video Ad Format Guidelines,
  • 16:9 is the recommended aspect ratio to send for both 480×320 or 1024×768 landscape MoPub ad sizes, which mean fullscreen phone and full screen tablet respectively.
  • For iPads, 4:3 aspect ratios are recommended.
  • If you plan to adjust the aspect ratio based on the device screen height and width, it’s recommended that you make your Playable as responsive as possible. A better interactive experience can improve your conversions.

11. Can a DSP use a higher resolution creative e.g. 2x - 640x960, to improve graphics quality?

  • You may use a higher resolution creative if you prefer to do so. Please keep in mind that this does make the overall weight of the creative heavier. Heavier creatives are less likely to clear (render) in time for users.
  • The smaller you can have the creative weight be, the greater your chance of showing the ad in time for the user to view and interact with.
  • As a best practice, we recommend the following creative weights for MRAID playables.
    • Suboptimal: 200-300kb
    • Ok: 700kb
    • Optimal: 1mb+

12. What’s the the shelf-live of rewarded playables creatives before fatigue sets in?

  • 1.5 months

13. Any recommendations for DSP’s to target/whitelist the Rewarded video and Interstitial inventory for playables?

  • We recommend beginning by having limited targeting and being open to as many auctions as possible. Rewarded Video (Playable) support is unlike any other and frequency for DAU and MAU (finding the same user again) will change. In light of this, algorithms for identifying good user vs. not should not be limited to a week or so. The campaigns should be allowed to run for 3 weeks to be statistically significant for testing.
  • Furthermore, when reviewing success in Rewarded video, it’s recommended that you account for larger conversion windows. After some period of running on rewarded inventory you can optimize based off of your advertiser’s respective KPIs.
  • As a best practice, we recommend ensuring that the duration of the game play is at least 30 seconds. Since the user is opting into a minimum 30 second experience (before the close button can appear), you’ll want to engage the user for the entire time.
  • Many of our existing DSP partners take advantage of the 30 seconds opt-in experience by customizing and tailoring the Playable ad for additional time. For example, one of our DSPs has a threshold that kicks in a video or new animation after 3 seconds of no engagement on the playable screen.

15. Are users locked into the ad for 30 sec even if the DSP submits rewarded playable ads of under 30 sec?

  • Yes. User cannot exit the ad until 30 seconds have passed
  • The user can click on the Call to Action button such as ‘Install now’ if the video ends ~30 sec and will be forward to the destination landing page within the app or app store/ play store. However, once the app is re-opened the pending duration of the 30sec experience will continue to play until the 30sec mark is completed.
  • Example - DSP submits a video for 20sec > user can click on the CTA button of Install after 20 sec > Install the app from the appstore > upon returning to the publisher app the pending 10sec of video will continue to play until the 30sec video is complete.

16. Do DSP’s need to supply the close button?

  • No. DSP’s do not return a close button as the MoPub SDK handles the close button after 30 seconds. This means you do not to leverage the useCustomClose() function for rewarded inventory.
  • A 30-second countdown timer will be present throughout the 30 sec video experience for rewarded playables. Do not return your own custom close button and countdown timer as this may cause issues with the ad.

17. Should DSP’s submit an End Card for Rewarded Playables?

  • As a best practice DSP’s are recommended to submit an end end card for rewarded video (including playables) as we have seen 20% higher CTR with an end card.

18. How can I view reporting against playables ads served on a rewarded playable placement?

  • In MMX, set the following dimensions:
    • Video Format Enabled = Rewarded Video
    • Video Inventory Enabled = Video and Static Enabled
  • You will see the creative type served in the ‘Creative Type Served’ dimension

19. Are there any creative vendors that MoPub recommends to build Playable ads?

  • MoPub does not have any specific recommendations for creative vendors.. A few of our DSP partners create their creatives tags in-house to allow for more flexibility & control.
  • Building in-house allows you to take advantage of more closely aligning with the user action and engagement depth to be able to target at the user level in a meaningful way. For example, you can add more data points to the creative to track where the user is most engaged (e.g. user has played for 5 seconds, finished level 5 and still engage et al).
  • Another critical component is when the CTA shows up, as that has a direct impact to the engagement aspect. We recommend the CTA to show up towards the end of the 30 seconds (ex: not after 28sec) that way the user is not taken out of the experience earlier than intended.

20. Is there a way for the DSP’s to test the creatives before launching?

  • We also recommend self-testing any and all of your creatives before you begin running them. We have a guide that will walk you through how to Self-Test your creatives. Happy to help you through the process if you have any questions.
  • Gamewheel demo of live ad using MoPub’s sample app can be found here.

Last updated October 10, 2018

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