MoPub SDK Initialization

The MoPub 5.0 SDK introduces a new API for initialization called [[MoPub sharedInstance] initializeSdkWithConfiguration:sdkConfig completion:nil]. This API is required for a number of new functionalities, including GDPR consent mechanisms and rewarded video. If you have been using [[MoPub sharedInstance] initializeRewardedVideoWithGlobalMediationSettings], it is now part of the new initialization, so make sure to switch to the new API.


  1. In your app’s didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:, instantiate a MPMoPubConfiguration with any valid ad unit ID from your app, your mediation settings (optional), and/or a list of mediated rewarded video adapters (optional).
  2. Call initializeSdkWithConfiguration: and pass in your MPMoPubConfiguration instance.


MPMoPubConfiguration *sdkConfig = [[MPMoPubConfiguration alloc] initWithAdUnitIdForAppInitialization:@"AD_UNIT_ID"];

sdkConfig.globalMediationSettings = @[];

Class<MPMediationSdkInitializable> adMob = NSClassFromString(@"MPGoogleAdMobRewardedVideoCustomEvent");
if (adMob != nil) {
  sdkConfig.mediatedNetworks = @[admob];

[[MoPub sharedInstance] initializeSdkWithConfiguration:sdkConfig completion:nil]

Last updated May 31, 2018

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