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Download AdColony SDKs

To download and integrate the AdColony SDKs, please check this

For iOS, use thistutorial For Android, use this tutorial

Set up AdColony in the MoPub UI

You will need your app id and zone id from the AdColony UI

  • Remember:

    • Zone IDs must be unique per MoPub ad unit

    • App and Zone ID are required for ad serving

    • No field is provided for allZoneIds but allZoneIds will be passed to the AdColony adapter and contain all of the zoneId entries for that application.

    • Client Options are optional and only apply to Android

    • For more information on client options, see Class Methods in AdColony’s Android SDK GitHub Instructions

    • Migrating Your AdColony IDs from a Custom Native Network

  1. Add the AdColony Account to your UI

  2. Replicate setup and transfer only the App and Zone IDs from the old custom native connection to the new AdColony account

  • MoPub will initiate ‘allZoneIds’ and the following AdColony custom event class names for you:

    • iOS

      • AdColonyInterstitialCustomEvent

      • AdColonyRewardedVideoCustomEvent

    • Android

      • com.mopub.mobileads.AdColonyInterstitial

      • com.mopub.mobileads.AdColonyRewardedVideo

  • Note: If you are using the above mentioned class names, migrate to the new network setup and pause the “custom native network”. If you are not using the above naming convention and instead using your own custom event class names, you should have both the old custom native network setup & New Adcolony network UI setup for backward compatibility.
  • Note: During migration, please make sure the custom native network and AdColony network are not live at the same time as this may cause revenue impacting issues

Test Ad

While testing your SDK integrations and network setups, it is recommended that you leverage test ad placements. To set up test mode, please reference AdColony’s dashboard setup tutorial, and check the Step 3: Toggle Test Ads section for instructions.

Last updated July 11, 2018

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