Mediate ONE by AOL Demand


  • Supported version of the ONE by AOL SDK
  • Minimum MoPub SDK version - MoPub SDK v4.10.0

Set up ONE by AOL Mediation in the MoPub UI

Follow these steps to set up ONE by AOL demand

  • Navigate to the Networks section of your UI, select the “Add A Network”. In the modal, select the “Custom Native Network” and configure the details as explained in the “Custom Native Network” section here
  • Recommended values for ‘Custom Event Class’ and ‘Custom Event Class Data’ fields are listed below
Ad Format Custom Event Class Custom Event Class Data
iOS Banner MPMillennialBannerCustomEvent {"adUnitID":"<placement ID>", "dcn":"<dcn here>", "adWidth":<width here>, "adHeight":<height here>}
iOS Interstitial MPMillennialInterstitialCustomEvent {"adUnitID":"<placement ID>", "dcn":"<dcn here>"}
iOS Native MillennialNativeCustomEvent {"adUnitID":"<placement ID>", "dcn":"<dcn here>"}
Android Banner com.mopub.mobileads.MillennialBanner {"adUnitID":"<placement ID>", "dcn":"<dcn here>", "adWidth":<width here>, "adHeight":"<height here>"}
Android Interstitial com.mopub.mobileads.MillennialInterstitial {"adUnitID":"<placement ID>", "dcn":"<dcn here>"}
Android Banner com.mopub.nativeads.MillennialNative {"adUnitID":"<placement ID>", "dcn":"<dcn here>"}

Access ONE by AOL Network Reports in the MoPub UI

In order to access ONE by AOL network reports, make sure enter the ONE by AOL network ids in the ONE by AOL section of Networks tab in the MoPub UI as shown below.

Note: For ONE by AOL, it is necessary to create “custom native network” for your SDK setup to work and it is also required to add the network IDs in the ONE by AOL network section if you need to access ONE by AOL’s network reports on MoPub UI.

  1. Enable reporting as below for ONE by AOL ONEbyAOL1.png

  2. Configure ONE by AOL adunit ids against your adunits

Note: While you need to create “custom native network” as described above for your SDK setup to work, you also need to add the network IDs in the ONE by AOL network section page. This is a workaround that will allow you to access to access ONE by AOL reporting in the MoPub UI for all of your ad formats (banners, interstitials, native, and rewarded video).

Integrate the Custom Event into your project

After you have set up your ad units in MoPub, simply import the Custom Event adapter into your project and add the ONE by AOL SDK (platform related instructions provided below).

You can download the ONE by AOL Custom Events from our iOS and Android GitHub pages.

Setting up your project


Drag and drop each of the .h and .m files into your Xcode project.

You can find the ONE by AOL SDK setup instructions here.


Copy the .java files to com.mopub.mobileads or com.mopub.nativeads package in the SDK project.

You can set up the ONE by AOL SDK by following the instructions here.

Last updated May 22, 2018

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