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Mediate FAN Rewarded Video Demand

Publishers can now access Audience Network rewarded video demand through the MoPub Mediation platform. Please follow the below instructions to get set up.

Setting up rewarded video on the Audience Network UI

Once logged in to your Facebook dashboard with your Facebook credentials, configure an app to integrate the Facebook Audience Network SDK.

Setting up rewarded video on the Audience Network UI

  • In your MoPub dashboard, follow the instructions on Creating Apps & Ad Units to create an app and an ad unit ID. Be sure to select “Rewarded Video (Fullscreen)”.


  • Define your reward details, such as amount and currency type.

  • Under the Networks tab, make sure that Facebook has been added as a network:


  • Configure Facebook ad unit IDs for the corresponding MoPub ad unit IDs in your app:


  • In your Segments tab, ensure that the ad unit ID for Facebook Rewarded Videos is enabled:


Audience Network SDK and Adapter Set-Up

  • Import the FAN SDK to your project.
For iOS Download here
For Android Download here
  • If you do not already have MoPub Rewarded Video integrated, follow this tutorial (Android, iOS) to integrate MoPub Rewarded Video in your project. Make sure you are using the MoPub ad unit ID that is mapped to the corresponding Facebook Rewarded Video placement ID.

  • Import the FAN Rewarded Video adapters in your project. Accessible here.

    • For Android, ensure that the path com.mopub.mobileads exists in your project. If you are already mediating other networks, that directory has already been created. Place the class to that directory.

    • For iOS, create a folder called “AdNetworkSupport” and place the FAN RV adapters there.

Last updated March 08, 2018

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