Supported Mediation Partners

MoPub connects you to all the demand that matters. The following demand sources and ad formats are supported on both iOS and Android, unless otherwise noted.

MoPub Mediation Integration Tool

The following ad networks are supported mediation partners on MoPub’s mediation platform. To see the latest certified versions of these ad networks, as well as to integrate them, reference the MoPub Mediation Integration Tool.

Supported SDK Networks

Network Supported Ad Formats Uses MoPub’s Consent Min GDPR SDK Version Auto Update ecpm Status
AppLovin Banner, Interstitial, Rewarded Video Yes iOS: 5.0.1, Android: 8.0.1 Integrated
ONE by AOL Banner, Interstitial, Rewarded, Native† No iOS: 6.8.0, Android: 6.8.1 N/A
AdMob [Google] Banner, Interstitial, Native†, Rewarded Video No N/A Integrated
Facebook Audience Network Banner, Interstitial, Native Static†, Native Video†, Rewarded Video No N/A N/A
AdColony Interstitial, Rewarded Video Yes iOS: 3.3.4, Android: 3.3.4 Integrated
Chartboost Interstitial, Rewarded Video Yes iOS: 7.2.0, Android: 7.2.0 Integrated
Tapjoy Interstitial, Rewarded Video
For more details on TapJoy see here
Yes iOS: 11.12.2, Android:11.12.2 Integrated
Yahoo! Flurry Banner, Interstitial, Native Static† and Native Video† No N/A Integrated
Unity Ads Banner, Interstitial, Rewarded Video Yes iOS: 2.2.0, Android: 2.2.1 Integrated
Vungle Interstitial, Rewarded Video Yes iOS: 6.2.0, Android: 6.2.5 Integrated
ironSource Interstitial, Rewarded Video Yes iOS: 6.7.9, Android: 6.7.9 Integrated

NOTE: You can reach out to your account team or if you need to find the certified version for an older SDK version.

These supported networks apply to the MoPub Unity plug-in for banner, interstitial and rewarded video formats. For instructions on how to implement MoPub on Unity, please check here.

Note: Yahoo Flurry requires that publishers include a Sponsored Marker in their native ads integrations. Steps to do so can be found here for Android and iOS.

† Note: Native ad formats are not supported for Unity Engine integration

Supported Server-Side Networks

  Banner Interstitial MRAID Native VAST/Video Uses MoPub’s Consent Auto Update ecpm Status
Conversant x x x   x no Integrated
LifeStreet x x x     yes N/A
MobFox x x x     no N/A
MobileCore   x x     no N/A

Deprecated Partners

The following partners are deprecated and should be removed from all inventory segments and line items.

  • Demand from the below partners are now available through MoPub Marketplace:
  • mnectar (sunset)
  • iAd (sunset)
  • inMobi (sunset)
  • AdMarvel
  • Mocean
  • HuntMAds (sunset)
  • Mojiva


Yes. Please find the details listed for each network here.

Are the above ad networks certified for MoPub’s Unity Plugin as well?

The mentioned supported networks apply to the MoPub Unity plug-in as well for banner, interstitial and rewarded video formats. Additionally please refer the steps mentioned here to integrate any ad network’s adapters outside the above list.

Is native ad format supported in MoPub Unity plugin?

No. Native ad format is not supported in MoPub’s Unity plugin

Last updated December 13, 2018

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