Using the MoPub Dashboard

The MoPub Dashboard enables you to see your entire monetization strategy on a single screen. The Dashboard offers a single, comprehensive view of all your app revenue data — including ad networks, MoPub Marketplace, and direct campaigns. With the Dashboard, you can compare how your ad sources are performing to develop actionable insights that help grow business.

MoPub Dashboard

How to use filters

Dashboard filters offer a quick and easy way to drill down into the data that matters most to you.  Key performance metrics include revenue, impressions, eCPMs, CTR and fill rates.  Once you filter by app, platform, ad size, ad source, or ad unit, you can easily analyze the metrics that matter most for a part of your inventory.

You can filter your Dashboard by the following variables:

  • Status: Running, Paused or Complete campaigns
  • App: Select individual or multiple apps
  • Ad Unit: Select individual or multiple ad units
  • Ad Source Type: Guaranteed, Marketplace, Marketplace Line Item, Networks, Promotional, Backfill, and Non-Guaranteed
  • Ad Format: Banners (320×50, 728×90), full screen (320×480, 728×1024), medium rectangles (300×250), or custom sizes
  • Platform: Android, iOS

The data on the Dashboard’s summary metrics, graphs, Ad Source Breakdown table, and the Inventory Allocation will change depending on your filters to reflect your current settings.

Dashboard Graphs

The Dashboard defaults to show only your active campaigns.  To show all inactive or past campaigns, remove the selection for “Running” from your Status filter.

You can also create a shortcut to your most used filters using “Saved Views”.  Simply add all the filters you would like to apply and select “Save” to add it to your “Saved Views”.  When you return to the Dashboard, your “Saved Views” provide quick shortcuts to your most popular inventory views.

How to read the graph and summary metrics

The Dashboard shows a quick summary of five important metrics for the date range that you have selected: Revenue, Impressions, eCPMs, CTR, and fill rates.  This data is also reflected in the graph and the “Ad Source Breakdown” table beneath it.

These metrics are updated whenever you add filters using the panel on the left side of the screen.

Dashboard Graph Last 14 Days

Your summary metrics can also reflect just the ad sources that you have selected in the Ad Source Breakdown table.  Simply check the boxes next to the direct campaigns, networks, Marketplace, or other line items, and then check the “Show Selected” button above the table. The graph will also update to give you a visual breakdown by ad source.

Dashboad Filters

How to read the Ad Source Breakdown table

The Ad Source Breakdown provides a detailed breakdown of your ad sources, including MoPub Marketplace, ad networks, guaranteed campaigns, promotional campaigns, and any additional special line items.

Like the summary metrics and graph, this data updates to reflect the filters that you have set. It also shows the campaign status, the priority level, and type for each ad source.  You can select specific ad sources to see a breakdown of the data in the graph.

Data fields include:

  • Checkbox: Use these boxes to select which ad source items to display in the chart
  • Ad Source: This column identifies the ad source. You can quickly select a single or multiple ad sources using the filters.
  • Status: This column displays the campaign’s status, which can be ‘Running’, ‘Paused’, or ‘Completed’. The Dashboard is defaulted to display Running campaigns to show you the most relevant campaigns.
  • Waterfall: This column shows your waterfall of ad sources based on the priority level for that item and the CPM rate you entered for that ad source. It represents the order in which that ad source item is prioritized in your waterfall.
  • Type: This column identifies your ad source type which can be one of the following: Guaranteed (G), Network (N), MoPub Marketplace (M), Promotional (P), Non-Guaranteed (NG), or Backfill (B).
  • Revenue: Revenue data is based on the MoPub ad server or from ad networks when reporting data is available.
  • eCPM: eCPM data is based on the MoPub ad server or from ad networks when network reporting data is available.
  • Imps: Impressions are based on MoPub ad serving data.
  • Fill Rate: Fill rate is based on MoPub ad serving data.
  • Clicks: Clicks are based on MoPub ad serving data.
  • Info: Clicking this icon provides a short cut to additional information about that ad source item, such as Network Attempts or Start and End dates for Guaranteed campaigns. The data displayed depends on the ad source type.

Last updated December 13, 2018

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