Fill Rate

You will see the term “fill rate” or “inventory fill rate” throughout the MoPub interface. This value is shown as a percentage how much of your inventory is met with ads from your various ad sources.

However, the way this value is determined will vary depending on the tab or table that you are viewing because MoPub enables you to work with many different types of advertising sources (i.e. ad networks, MoPub Marketplace, direct partners).  A given ad request can attempt multiple ad sources.

Dashboard Tab

The “Inventory Fill Rate” at the top of your Dashboard in the summary metrics shows how often your overall available inventory has been met or “filled” with ads.  This value will vary depending on any filters on apps and ad units that you have selected to display for that date range.  This value represents the number of ad impressions served for that inventory divided by the number of times that inventory requested ads, across all your ad sources.

In contrast, the “Fill Rate” in the “Ad Source Breakdown” table represents how often that ad source has provided an ad for each time that ad source has been attempted. A given ad request can attempt multiple ad sources.

Note: The MoPub Marketplace “Fill Rate” is not directly comparable with fill rates from third-party networks due to the auction dynamics that compete with your ad networks. Direct serve line items will not have an attempt value recorded to calculate fill rate.

Inventory Tab

The “Fill Rate” column on the App and Ad Unit tabs is calculated the same way as the “Inventory Fill Rate” at the top of the Dashboard. It represents how often that specific ad unit or app has received an ad across all ad sources, over the date range selected. For example, an ad unit may receive ads from a Guaranteed Line Item, multiple ad networks, and MoPub Marketplace.

Networks tab

The “Network Fill Rate” at the top of your Networks tab in the summary metrics represents your overall fill rate across all your networks (excluding network line items). It is calculated based on how often your inventory that is available to ad networks has received an ad from any network.

On the same page below the summary metrics, the “Fill Rate” in your Networks table shows how often each specific ad network has returned an ad impression, divided by the number of attempts that network has received.

Within a “Networks Segment Detail” page, the “Fill Rate” columns shows how often an ad has shown for each specific ad unit and network combination over the date range selected.

Last updated December 13, 2018

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