Quick Start Guide

If you haven’t already, create a free MoPub account.

How do I create my first ad unit?

  1. Open MoPub and create an app or monetize an existing app.
  2. Decide what ad format you want to create. Make sure you check out our best practices for banners, interstitials, native, and rewarded video.
  3. Create your ad unit and save. Be sure to grab your ad unit ID for code integration.
  4. Repeat as needed by going back to Apps tab.
  5. Be sure to implement the SDK. Review our detailed instructions for Android, iOS, and Unity. Note: Not running native? Save up to 60% in disk space with our modular SDK.
  6. Test your ad integration on iOS and Android to ensure ads are showing and impressions/click trackers are firing correctly. You should already have a demo line running in your account for testing, but you can also set up a house ad for testing from the Orders tab.

Okay, my ad unit works. How do I monetize?

There are three ways:

  • Our real-time bidding (RTB) exchange MoPub Marketplace
  • Free and flexible Ad Network mediation
  • Using our ad server for direct sales or cross-promotion

Setting Up MoPub Marketplace

  1. Go to Marketplace tab and complete your payment information including address, payment info, and tax information.
  2. Marketplace approval takes a few days so be patient and ensure all your information is accurate, including if your app has a valid app store URL in the app settings and abides by our Supply Side Policies. If you have any questions, contact policy@mopub.com.
  3. Once approved, you can manage Marketplace price floors and settings from the Marketplace tab.
  4. Check out our Marketplace FAQ to learn more.

Setting Up Ad Networks

  1. There are several ways to mediate networks through MoPub: server-side (S2S), SDK network, custom SDK network, or custom JavaScript network (network tag - not recommended).
    • Here is a list of our supported network partners with compatible SDK versions/adapters and ad formats.
    • You are welcome to mediate unsupported networks, but you will have to work with them directly to develop, test and maintain adapters. We do provide these instructions which should be followed.
    • MoPub does not provide technical support for network JavaScript tags. Use them sparingly and with caution; follow these best practices.
  2. Go to the Networks tab and click the ‘Add a Network’ button. Choose a supported network partner, custom SDK network or custom JavaScript network to work with an unsupported network.
    • When choosing a supported network, enter your network settings, default CPM preferences and network-specific identifiers. Save. Pro-Tip: Check out our new mediation wizard to copy the Gradle/Cocoapods script to your code for easy integration.
    • When choosing a custom SDK network, adapter name in custom event class section. The custom event class data section is reserved for additional network information like network ID and must be entered in JSON format. Save.
    • If custom JavaScript network, paste tag in HTML tag and save.
  3. Integrate network SDKs: iOS and Android banners/interstitials; iOS and Android native; Unity; iOS and Android unsupported network
  4. Go to the Segments tab and use the Global segment to target your network to desired ad units. You can create additional country segments by clicking the “Create Segment” button
  5. Test your ad integration to ensure ads are showing and MoPub and network impressions/click trackers are firing correctly. Data within MoPub vs. network should not exceed more than 15% (note: MoPub reporting timezone in UTC).
  6. Check out our network FAQ.

Setting Up Direct/House Campaign

  1. Go to Orders tab and click the “Create Order” button. Fill out any fields with an asterisk (*).
  2. Complete ‘Add a line item’ section. Make sure to review our line item and advanced targeting sections.
  3. Click “Save and View”
  4. Scroll down to “Creatives” section and click “Add a New Creative”. Select desired “Format” and complete rest of the fields.
  5. Trafficking video? Please review our VAST trafficking guidelines.

Great! I’m monetizing. How can I review performance?

There are four ways:

Go to the Dashboard tab or Reports tab and run report. Note that all reporting is in the UTC timezone.

For more detailed information, please read through the documentation on this site, reach out to support@mopub.com or your account team.

Last updated December 18, 2018

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