Banner Integration for Unity

Banner ads usually appear at the top or bottom of your app’s screen. Adding one to your app takes just a few lines of code.

Here is how you would create a banner in the Unity Script file - make sure you only call this once in the lifecycle of your app: Make sure your script is “using System”.


  1. Create a banner

     MoPub.createBanner (bannerAdUnit, MoPubAdPosition.BottomRight);
  2. Show/hide the banner (optional - the banner is shown by default)

     MoPub.showBanner (bannerAdUnit, true);
     MoPub.showBanner (bannerAdUnit, false);  // hides the banner
  3. Destroy the banner:

     MoPub.destroyBanner (bannerAdUnit);
     MoPub.destroyBanner (bannerAdUnit);

If your game is distributed on iOS and Android, you only need to import the plugin only once, but you need to create different ad units per OS:

MoPub.createBanner("REPLACE_BY_IPHONE_AD_UNIT_ID_HERE", MoPubAdPosition.BottomCenter );
UNITY_ANDROID MoPub.createBanner("REPLACE_BY_ANDROID_AD_UNIT_ID_HERE", MoPubAdPosition.BottomCenter );

Here are the banner-related callback handlers:

void onAdLoaded (string height)
void onAdFailed (string errorMsg)
void onAdClicked (string adUnitId)
void onAdExpanded (string adUnitId)
void onAdCollapsed (string adUnitId)

Best Practices

  • Only create a banner ad view when you display it to the user.
  • If the user navigates from a screen with a banner on it to a screen that does not have a banner, you should destroy or hide the banner.

Last updated December 13, 2018

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