Viewability Tracking


2.3 Note regarding DNT, COPPA and behavioral targeting

  • Previously we set dnt=1 as a global identifier for ‘do not track’ signaling to the bidder to not behaviorally target a user per OBA guidelines.
  • With the fields introduced in OpenRTB 2.2 & 2.3, MoPub will be updating our request to signal the following:
    • dnt = 1 will still always be set as before to ensure all bidders comply
    • lmt = 1 will be set when the mobile limit ad tracking is set on an Android or iOS device
    • bidrequest.regs.coppa = 1 will be set when the user is known to be a child under the age of 13, or the app is a child directed application

2.8 Note on SSL

Currently, all MoPub in-app inventory supports both SSL and non-SSL creative. Bidders may choose how they want to deliver ad markup as a result of a winning bid.

Additionally, with respect to the bid request and response, we are currently investigating whether to require SSL here and will formally provide details once we’ve made an internal decision.

If you have any specific requirements or questions regarding SSL (creative or OpenRTB integration), please let your account team know.

2.10 Inventory Packages

  • Inventory packages will follow similar specifications to PMPs
    • See PMP Object (Section 3.2.17) and Auction Types (Section 7) for more information
  • Bid Response: Look for a matching campaign for the requested Inventory Package. If there is a matching campaign found, return the dealID in the bid response. If there is no campaign for that inventory package, fallback to the open auction and do not respond with a dealID.
    • Please contact your account manager if you would like to be enabled for Inventory Packages

2.11 Viewability Support

DSPs can transact against inventory that has a viewability enabled SDK through Inventory Packages or the Viewability Vendor Flag

Inventory Packages

DSPs can transact against IAS and/or Moat inventory packages today. Viewability inventory packages represent publisher app inventory that currently have the IAS and/or Moat SDK integrated. To get started, contact your account team. See section above to learn more.

Viewability Vendor Flag

We are adding support for DSPs to target inventory that has the IAS and/or Moat SDK integrated. By delivering an IAS or Moat tag to an SDK that supports viewability, buyers can get more robust and accurate measurement.

Bid Request: The bid request will contain imp.ext.metric object which sends the vendor SDK that the publisher supports (See section [][12] and [][13])

  • [Sample Viewability Request][14]

Bid Response: Buyers are required to respond with the vendor in the bid response bid.ext when they are returning a campaign for viewability (See section [4.2.4][15])

  • [Sample Viewability Response][16]

We encourage you to read through our [Viewability FAQs][7]


For more information about GDPR, see our [FAQ][17]


The “Regs” object will signal whether or not the request is subject to GDPR regulations. It will do so via the extension attribute “gdpr” which is an integer that indicates: 0 = No, 1 = Yes. The extension is an object.


The “User” object will convey user consent when GDPR regulations are in effect. It will do so via the extension attribute “consent”. This string will pass “1” indicating the user has provided consent or “0” indicating that the user has not consented. The extension is an object and if GDPR does not apply, this field will be omitted from the bid request

If we do not have consent, we will not be collecting the following fields. Additionally, all of these fields except IFA will be omitted from the request. IFA will be present, however it will contain zeroes.

  • Advertising ID
  • Lat/Long
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interest and demographic keywords
  • IP address: we will truncate the 8 lowest bits
  • city
  • metro
  • region
  • zipcode

[Sample GDPR Consent/No Consent Requests][19]

7. Auction Types – ADD to inventory package/PMP page

Auction Type Description Sample Request
Private Marketplace This is the how the current 1:1 deals work on MoPub. No changes are required.
Private_auction is set to 1 in the bid request
Only bid responses that contain a matching deal ID are accepted
"pmp": {
  "deals": [{
    "at": 2,
    "bidfloor": 5.0,
    "id": "09e5793ab"
  "private_auction": 1
Inventory Packages This is the inventory package that will be used to pass the viewability deal ID.
Private_auction is set to 0 in the bid request.
Bid responses with or without a deal ID are accepted. If you are returning a campaign to measure viewability, respond with the deal ID in the bid response. If you do not have a campaign for viewability, your bid response may fallback to an open auction bid response
"pmp": {
  "deals": [{
    "at": 2,
    "bidfloor": 5.0,
    "id": "ip_3ba8b451c2f94b34af95effaf8c4fa9d"
  "private_auction": 0
Open Auction PMP object is not present in the bid request N/A - PMP object is not present in the bid request

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