Demand Changelog

Below you will find a high-level view of noteworthy MoPub SDK changes that impact DSPs. 

Note: changes mentioned start from December 2016 onwards. You can always reference the MoPub SDK changelogs for a complete view of all SDK changes.


  • [September] - Removed duplicate requests and began sending buyers a single (lowest) price floor.
  • [August] - Added support for Viewability. More information can be found in our documentation
  • [August] - Android SDK 4.16+ now utilizes a single webview, allowing for assets to be cached & loaded in the same view.
  • [June] - Kindle Fire ID now passed when available in Android SDK 4.15+
  • [May] - MoPub Ads now expire after 4 hours as of SDK 4.14+
  • [March] - mraid.js available earlier on Android SDK 4.13+
  • [February] - Removed Native Main Image size limitations (iOS & Android) & added support for Rewarded Playables on Android


  • [December] - Added support for Rewarded Playables on iOS (Android support to follow)

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Last updated October 16, 2019

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