Test Your Advanced Bidding Integration

Before testing, make sure you have completed the instructions in our Integrate Advanced Bidding article and then set up Advanced Bidding in the Publisher UI.

Test your Advanced Bidding integration using a test ad unit before enabling Advanced Bidding on your production ad units. To make testing easy, MoPub will allowlist your test ad units so they can return test ads from our Advanced Bidding partners to ensure that you have fill while testing.

Important: Never integrate test ad units into a production version of your app.

Test your integration via Charles Proxy. If you are unfamiliar with Charles Proxy, your account team will provide you with setup instructions.

Note: Verizon and Pangle don’t support MoPub test mode.

Create a Test Ad Unit

  1. In the Apps tab, create a new app for each platform, named “Advanced Bidding [OS] Testing” (for example: “Advanced Bidding iOS Testing” or “Advanced Bidding Android Testing”).

  2. Create one ad unit for each ad format you plan to take live in the Beta. We support all formats from each network.

  3. Target the Advanced Bidding Beta line items you already created to your newly created ad units by navigating to the line item in the MoPub UI, clicking Edit line item, and choosing your new ad unit in the Ad unit targeting section.

  4. Enable the bidding network in Mediation Test Mode - Integration Test to test the ad unit.

Testing Instructions

  1. Start Charles Proxy and set up focused hosts by navigating to ViewFocused HostsAdd. Filter for MoPub requests via focused hosts as shown:

    Filter for MoPub Requests

  2. Select the Focused option to begin using Focused Hosts.

    Select Focused

  3. Make an ad request. Navigate to the Request JSON Text and verify that the ad request is passing the advanced bidding token, passed via the abt parameter in the request.

    AB Token

  4. Verify that the MoPub SDK version is 5.5+. The MoPub SDK version is passed in the nv parameter.

    Verify MoPub Version

  5. Confirm that the request is using Advanced Bidding. Check this by navigating to the ad request Response JSON Text and verifying that the adm field is passed.

    Verify Advanced Bidding

    Note: If your ad requests are not making it down far enough in the waterfall to reach the advanced bidders, contact your account team and we can provide instructions to force line items to serve via Charles rewrites.

  6. Show the ad to ensure that it renders and tracks correctly. You will see the MoPub impression tracker fire if the impression was tracked. The MoPub impression tracker looks like this: ads.mopub.com/m/imp.

    Show Ad and Verify Impression Tracker

Last updated June 07, 2021

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