Rewarded Video Ads Best Practices

A healthy rewarded video integration is key to driving the most impressions per unique user and maximizing your total revenue.  

Key Insights

When designing and integrating your rewarded video placement, make sure to keep these key insights for success in mind.

  1. The first impression is the most important opportunity.  

    • Make sure to allow ample time for initialization and caching before allowing the user the opportunity to show the ad.  As a general rule of thumb, we recommend allowing 30 seconds, however this time will vary depending on your unique gaming logic.  Make sure to work with your MoPub Account Team to determine your ideal setup.
  2. Whether the reward is “a nice to have” or a necessity will be a key differentiator for your app.  

    • The more likely users are to request a reward, the higher the likelihood that you will be able to clear impressions at a high eCPM and drive high revenue per user.
  3. Too many failovers can lead to missed impression opportunities.  

    • We recommend optimizing your rewarded video waterfall to prioritize the demand sources with the overall highest fill and fewest failovers as they compete with MoPub Marketplace.
  4. Request ads when the opportunity to show them is high.  

    • Requesting ads that will never be shown creates “noise” for your demand partners including MoPub Marketplace buyers.  Be sure to make a request when the user is likely to need the reward, while leaving enough time for the ad to cache.

General Best Practices

Ad Placement

  • Reward should be easily accessible in a consistent location for the user to access, if need be.
  • Avoid placements that could interrupt core elements of the app experience. You can keep a close eye on your analytics data to avoid diminishing returns.
  • Monitor the success of each video placement; if a placement isn’t generating revenue, move it to a different part of your app where it’s easily and frequently accessible.
  • Rewarded ad units can (and should) be used in combination with regular video (VAST or MRAID) interstitials to increase your overall revenue per user per session.
  • If your app sessions tend to be short (< 1 min), you may want to limit to regular static interstitials rather than rewarded video.  Rewarded video creatives tend to require longer cache times than static interstitials.  


  • Reward provided should be a necessary commodity for the continuity of the game within the game design


  • User should be frequently reminded that there is an opportunity to receive a reward (e.g in-game notifications)

Audience segmentation

  • App should not be making an ad request for users that leverage IAP or won’t see the ad till a certain level.


  • Make use of mediation settings to pass third-party network settings, for example passing custom-id to Chartboost and configuring ‘yes’ to the end-card of Vungle’s videos.

  • Network placement IDs should be unique for each OS, app and ad unit. Network IDs setup in MoPub should not be used outside of MoPub

Last updated November 05, 2019

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