Client-Side SDK Mediation

Disclaimer: MoPub cautions usage of non-supported network adapters and does not provide testing or technical support for issues arising from usage.

The MoPub SDK allows publishers to make ad attempts to multiple Ad Networks to increase fill rate and maximize revenue. For client-side integrations, a mediation adapter is the bridge code that sits between the MoPub SDK and an ad network’s SDK. Supported Client-Side SDK Adapters are listed here.

*Note that MoPub reserves the right to certify partners at our discretion.

Writing mediation adapters

Publishers and networks/mediation partners can develop adapters for any non-supported network that MoPub has not yet certified. This option is for ad networks only. Existing Marketplace buyers must adhere to the single-point-of-entry policy.

Writing mediation adapters for Non-Supported Networks (Andriod)

Writing mediation adapters for Non-Supported Networks (iOS)

NOTE: Make sure to update the mediation adapter adapter’s header comments with the latest version of the networks SDK that was tested. For example:

 *  Tested with <Network Name> SDK 2.0.3

How to Test Adapters

Once you have completed building the adapters, create a network using the “Custom Native Network” type with the MoPub Platform. Place the fully-qualified class name of your mediation adapter (e.g. com.mopub.mobileads.YourCustomEventInterstitial in case of Android, or YourNativeCustomEvent in case of iOS) in the “Custom Class” column.

The MoPub SDK will instantiate your mediation adapter adapter subclass at the proper time while your application is running. You do not need to instantiate any of these subclasses in your application code.

The following test cases should be verified before sending the build to MoPub:

  1. All the required mediation adapter callbacks should be implemented. Especially the callbacks that are used to notify the success and failure, as these are important for the MoPub SDK to manage the network mediation
  2. Make sure your network tracking impressions and clicks are fired
  3. Verify that the MoPub tracking impressions and clicks are fired
  4. If you are auto-caching an ad in the background, make sure to call the success callbacks only when MoPub requests one. All the ads returned to MoPub before it’s call will be discarded

Using the MoPub Sample App to Test Creatives and adapters.

Last updated June 09, 2020

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