Migrate to a Supported Network Instance

Migrate all campaign and segment activity from an unsupported (old) network instance to the supported network instance so that you can take advantage of our network optimization and reporting products.


The supported network has already been enabled within the MoPub UI. Steps to enable are below:

  1. Select the Networks tab.
  2. Click ‘New Network’ (fka ‘Add a Network’) at the top right.
  3. You should then see a list of networks.
  4. Select the appropriate network that you wish to migrate.
  5. The network edit page will be displayed.
  6. Scroll to the bottom and click ‘Go to Network Details Page’.
  7. Click ‘Yes, continue to Network Details Page’.
  8. Set the state of the network to paused.

UI Steps

  1. Go into the unsupported (old) network and check to see if there are network ids setup for any ad units. If there are no IDs skip to step #3.
    • Copy over all Network specific IDs from the unsupported (old) instance of the network to the supported instance of the network.
    • Note: For SDK (native) networks the CUSTOM EVENT CLASS is not required and will be automatically passed. * Update all segments to include the proper CPM for the new supported network instance against all ad units. * Set the status to paused by unchecking the ‘Enabled’ option.
  2. If there are network line items using the unsupported (old) network, then you will need to make duplicates of those line items using the new supported network instance. (Note: The copy line item functionality unfortunately can’t be used.)
    • Naviage to the Orders tab.
    • Click into the Order that contains line items for the unsupported (old) network.
    • Select the line item that you want to migrate.
    • Open a new tab/window and navigate to the Order you want the new line item to live in.
    • Create a new line item.
    • For ‘Type and Priority’ select Network.
    • For ‘Network:’ choose the appropriate network.
    • Copy over all of the line items details from the old network line item to the new network line item.
    • Click ‘Save and View’
    • Repeat for all network line items using the unsupported (old) network.
  3. Review the new supported network setup.
  4. Once you confirm the setup is correct, activate the new Network instance.
    • Naviage to the ‘Networks’ tab and select the supported network.
    • Set the status of the newly created network to Running.
    • This will result in all network line items becoming active. * Navigate to the ‘Segments’ tab. * Activate all of the ad units for the new network instance by checking the ‘Enabled’ option. * Pause the unsupported (old) network instance. * Monitor delivery to ensure everything is working as desired.
    • If there is a problem the MoPub team will work closely with your team to reach resolution.
  5. All traffic should begin to flow through the newly created supported network
    • Please note that this will result in new segment ids and line item id (aka: ad group ids).
    • Reporting stats for the newly created line items and segments will begin fresh; reporting stats from the unsupported (old) network line items and segments will not be carried over.
    • Due to the above it is important to take care when migrating budgeted line items.

Last updated May 18, 2020

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