MoPub Network Mediation

This guide is intended for publishers and networks that are interested in using MoPub Mediation. MoPub Mediation allows publishers to make ad requests to multiple ad networks to maximize revenue and increase fill rate. MoPub supports client-side network mediation integrations. Depending on the ad formats and use cases, the MoPub team will recommend the best integration method. Note that MoPub reserves the right to certify partners at our discretion. Existing Supported Networks are listed here.

MoPub Mediation Adapter Guidelines

This guide is indented for the networks that are interested in being part of MoPub supported networks list and would like to host adapters on MoPub owned mediation GitHub repositories Android, iOS, Unity.

Click here to refer to the guidelines before building the adapters.

Reporting API for Network Partners

Upon receiving the approval, Network partners should refer to the integration process explained in the mediation adapter Adapter SDK spec for further instructions. Another step would be to work on MoPub’s reporting API integration.

MoPub allows publishers to view your ad network revenue, impression, and click data all in one place, allowing them to manage and optimize their revenue more efficiently. Usage of the Network Reporting API is only available for certified MoPub Network Mediation program partners.

Last updated June 09, 2020

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