Supported Ad Formats

The following ad formats are currently supported by Mintegral. For the latest support, visit the Mintegral homepage.

  • Banner
  • Medium Rectangle
  • Interstitial Video
  • Rewarded Video
  • Native

Download and Integration

To download the Mintegral adapters, navigate to the Mediation Integration Tool. You will also need to download the Mintegral SDK, which can be found below.

For the latest download and integration instructions, ensure that you have consulted Mintegral’s tutorials before you integrate the SDK and adapters.

iOS Download
Android Download
  • Android Integration Help: Mintegral adapters are released as an Android Archive (AAR) file starting from version The AAR includes the required Manifest data for Mintegral. As a result, publishers no longer have to update their AndroidManifest manually for any generic data, such as permissions and Activities. Any other app-level placement configuration required by Mintegral must be manually entered into the AndroidManifest.

  • Apache: If you encounter any Apache-related crashes while integrating Mintegral, add the following to your module’s build.gradle:

    useLibrary 'org.apache.http.legacy'
  • Android ProGuard: If you encounter any ProGuard-related issues (such as missing classes at runtime), add the following rules to your ProGuard configuration:

      -keepattributes Signature
      -keepattributes *Annotation*
      -keep class com.mintegral.** {*; }
      -keep interface com.mintegral.** {*; }
      -keep interface androidx.** { *; }
      -keep class androidx.** { *; }
      -keep public class * extends androidx.** { *; }
      -dontwarn com.mintegral.**
      -keep class **.R$* { public static final int mintegral*; }
      -keep class com.alphab.** {*; }
      -keep interface com.alphab.** {*; }


If you are using v5.11.x (or older) of the MoPub SDK, you are encouraged to initialize the Mintegral SDK in your app for Advanced Bidding. To do that, follow the steps below. Otherwise, you can skip this section.


import com.mopub.mobileads.MintegralAdapterConfiguration;

final SdkConfiguration.Builder configBuilder = new SdkConfiguration.Builder("YOUR_AD_UNIT_ID");

MoPub.initializeSdk(this,, null);


#import "MintegralAdapterConfiguration.h"
#import "MoPub.h"
#import "MPMoPubConfiguration.h"

NSArray *adapterConfigList = @[MintegralAdapterConfiguration.class];

MPMoPubConfiguration *sdkConfig = [[MPMoPubConfiguration alloc] initWithAdUnitIdForAppInitialization:@"YOUR_AD_UNIT_ID"];
sdkConfig.additionalNetworks = adapterConfigList;

[[MoPub sharedInstance] initializeSdkWithConfiguration:sdkConfig completion:^{

Set up Mintegral on the MoPub UI

  • appId, unitId, and appKey are required.

Pass data to Mintegral

You can pass additional optional data from your app to Mintegral by following the instructions below. Supported data fields include age, gender, latitude, longitude, reward ID, user ID, pay, and any custom data String. For details on what each field means, reference the Mintegral documentation for Android here and for iOS here.


The MintegralAdapterConfiguration class contains public setters for the above custom data fields. In your app, simply call the corresponding setter with the data in order to pass it to the Mintegral adapters.

For example, to pass in a specific age, call the MintegralAdapterConfiguration.setAge(25) before you make your ad request.


The MintegralAdapterConfiguration class contains a setter for the above custom data fields. In your app, simply call the following setter with all the data in order to pass it to the Mintegral adapters:

+(void)setTargeting:(NSInteger)age gender:(MTGGender)gender latitude:(NSString *)latitude longitude:(NSString *)longitude pay:(MTGUserPayType)pay

Audio control

Starting in v12.2.31.0 of the Android adapters and v6. of the iOS adapters, you can now mute/unmute Mintegral creatives programmatically from your app. To do that, call MintegralAdapterConfiguration.setMute(true) (Android) and [MintegralAdapterConfiguration setMute:YES] (iOS) any time before making an ad request. If not set, creatives play unmuted by default.

Additional Support

For inquiries and support, please email Mintegral at

Last updated May 18, 2020

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