If you plan to use the MoPub SDK to load and display ads from Ogury via mediation, use this article for integration instructions and information unique to this ad network. To learn more about how MoPub mediation works, refer to our MoPub Network Mediation article.

Supported Ad Formats

Ogury currently supports the following ad formats. For support information, visit the Ogury homepage.

MoPub Formats Ogury Ad Formats
Banner Banner
Medium Rectangle MPU
Interstitial Interstitial
Rewarded Ad Opt-in Video

Download and Integration

To download the Ogury adapters, navigate to the Mediation Integration Tool.

Set Up Ogury in the MoPub UI

asset_key and ad_unit_id are required.


Ogury requires initialization in order to serve ads. To initialize, follow these steps:


import com.mopub.mobileads.OguryAdapterConfiguration;


// Declare your Ogury asset key
final Map<String, String> oguryConfigs = new HashMap<>();
oguryConfigs.put("asset_key", "YOUR_OGURY_ASSET_KEY");

final SdkConfiguration.Builder configBuilder = new SdkConfiguration.Builder("VALID_MOPUB_AD_UNIT_ID_FROM_YOUR_APP");

configBuilder.withAdditionalNetwork(OguryAdapterConfiguration.class.getName()); // only needed for MoPub 5.17.0 and earlier
configBuilder.withMediatedNetworkConfiguration(OguryAdapterConfiguration.class.getName(), oguryConfigs);

// Initialize the MoPub SDK
MoPub.initializeSdk(this, configBuilder.build(), sdkInitializationListener);


// Declare your Ogury asset key
NSMutableDictionary *oguryConfigs = [NSMutableDictionary new];
[oguryConfigs setObject:@"YOUR_OGURY_ASSET_KEY" forKey:@"asset_key"];

MPMoPubConfiguration *sdkConfig = [[MPMoPubConfiguration alloc] initWithAdUnitIdForAppInitialization:@"VALID_MOPUB_AD_UNIT_ID_FROM_YOUR_APP"];

sdkConfig.additionalNetworks = @[OguryAdapterConfiguration.class]; // only needed for MoPub 5.17.0 and earlier
sdkConfig.mediatedNetworkConfigurations = [@{@"OguryAdapterConfiguration":oguryConfigs} mutableCopy];

// Initialize the MoPub SDK
[[MoPub sharedInstance] initializeSdkWithConfiguration:sdkConfig completion:^{


Option 1. Use the MoPub Manager

Attach the Ogury Network Configuration script to your MoPub Manager Prefab, enable the script, and populate the asset_key information. Refer to the Network Configuration (Mediation) topic for an example.

Option 2. Initialize Manually

MoPub.InitializeSdk(new MoPub.SdkConfiguration {
  MediatedNetworks = new MoPub.MediatedNetwork[]
    new MoPub.MediatedNetwork
        AdapterConfigurationClassName = "com.mopub.mobileads.OguryAdapterConfiguration",
        AdapterConfigurationClassName = "OguryAdapterConfiguration",

      NetworkConfiguration = new Dictionary<string, string> {
          { "asset_key", "YOUR_OGURY_ASSET_KEY"},

Test an Ad

We recommend that you test your Ogury integration using the MoPub mediation test mode to verify that the adapters work as expected. Test mode must be set up on both the MoPub side and the Ogury side.

Set Up Test Mode on the MoPub Side

Refer to our Mediation Test Mode article for complete details on using this mode.

Set Up Test Mode on the Ogury Side

Ogury supports test mode via test ad unit IDs and test device IDs. Refer to the test documentation from Ogury. Please note that this mode is not designed to receive real ad campaign impression (no paid impression will be displayed in Ogury or Mopub reporting).

You can directly enter these Ogury asset key and ad unit IDs into your MoPub network test mode setup (instructions here).


In order to maximize your fill rate from Ogury, it is necessary that you list Ogury in your app-ads.txt. To do so, visit the Android and iOS tutorials.

Additional Support

For inquiries and support, consult the Ogury documentation or email Ogury at techsupport@ogury.co.

Last updated September 20, 2021

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