Handling List Responses

All “query” endpoints return a list response format that implements pagination.

    "data": [],
    "pagination": {
        "count": paginator.count,
        "currentPage": current_page,
        "perPage": per_page,
        "prevPage": prev_page,
        "nextPage": next_page,
        "lastPage": paginator.num_pages

The following optional parameters are supported for all list response requests:

  • page: A cursor for use in pagination (default is 1).
  • limit: A limit on the number of objects to be returned, between 1 and 100 (default is 50).
  • sortBy: Sort the list by a field name. The list of fields varies by the type of objects being paginated (default is created_at).
    • apps: name
    • ad units: name, format
    • orders: name, advertiser
    • line items: name, priority, type
  • sortDir: The sort direction, ‘desc’ or ‘asc’ (default is ‘desc’).
  • query: This is a search term for searching multiple fields by line name, description. The list of supported fields varies depending on the object (optional). See Filters section for each object


  • https://api.mopub.com/v2/line-items?page=3
  • https://api.mopub.com/v2/adunits?format=banner

Last updated July 14, 2021

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