BaseAdapterConfiguration /5.5.0

public abstract class BaseAdapterConfiguration implements AdapterConfiguration

A collection of methods that apply to the SDK as a whole. Publishers can subclass this class to initialize the network SDK, return SDK adapter versions, return the Advanced Bidding token, and return the network name.

Public Methods

public void /setCachedInitializationParameters(Context context, String initializationParameters) /+5.5.0

  • Description: Save initialization parameters after the first ad request for future use. Adapters should call this method in passing a map containing the network parameters.

  • Parameters:

    • context: Current context.
    • initializationParameters: A map containing key-value pairs of the network’s initialization IDs. Typically this is the serverExtras map in the adapter.

public void /setMoPubRequestOptions(String moPubRequestOptions) /+5.5.0

  • Description: Sets a map of request options to send to the MoPub ad server.

  • Parameters:

    • moPubRequestOptions: A map of key-value pairs containing request options.

Last updated August 28, 2021

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