ContentChangeStrategy /3.9.0

public static enum MoPubRecyclerAdapter.ContentChangeStrategy

The strategy this adapter should use for moving ads when content is added or removed from the wrapped original adapter. This strategy can be set at any time to change the behavior of the adapter.

Public Constants

public static final /INSERT_AT_END /+3.9.0

  • Description: Insert ads when content is added to the end of the stream. This is the default behavior and the recommended strategy.

public static final /MOVE_ALL_ADS_WITH_CONTENT /+3.9.0

  • Description: Cause all ad positions after an insertion or deletion to be adjusted. New ads will not be displayed when items are added to the end of the stream.

public static final /KEEP_ADS_FIXED /+3.9.0

  • Description: Never adjust ad positions when items are inserted or removed.

Last updated August 28, 2021

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