CustomEventInterstitial /

public abstract class CustomEventInterstitial implements Interstitial

A base class for custom events that support interstitial ads. Implementing a subclass of CustomEventInterstitial() enables the MoPub SDK to support interstitial mediation with other ad networks.

Public Methods

public protected abstract void /loadInterstitial(Context context, CustomEventInterstitialListener customEventInterstitialListener, Map<String,Object> localExtras, Map<String,String> serverExtras) /+

  • Description: Requests an interstitial ad for an ad network.

  • Parameters:

    • context: Current context.
    • customEventInterstitialListener: An interstitial listener object provided that mediation adapters can use to notify the MoPub SDK of interstitial lifecycle events.
    • localExtras: A map containing additional custom data a publisher can set by calling MoPubView.setLocalExtras() from the app.
    • serverExtras: A map containing server-side data that a publisher entered for a particular ad network in the MoPub UI. This data may contain dynamic information, such as ad unit IDs, that can be used to make ad requests to the network.

public protected abstract void /onInvalidate() /+

  • Description: Destroys the current interstitial object, as well as to unregister any hanging references.

  • Parameters: None.

public protected void /setAutomaticImpressionAndClickTracking(boolean autoTrack) /+5.3.0

  • Description: Enables or disables automatic impression and click tracking. This is enabled by default, meaning that the MoPub SDK will track impressions and clicks using its definition. Should be disabled to customize when to track impressions and clicks on MoPub’s side. Typically, publishers disable this when the network SDK exposes dedicated callbacks for impression and click tracking, to synchronize the tracking between the network and MoPub.

  • Parameters:

    • autoTrack:true to enable automatic impression and click tracking; false to use manual impression and click tracking.

public protected abstract void /showInterstitial() /+

  • Description: Displays the interstitial ad to the user.

  • Parameters: None.

Last updated May 06, 2020

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