CustomEventNative /2.2

public abstract class CustomEventNative

A base class for mediation adapters that support native ads. Implementing a subclass of CustomEventNative() enables the MoPub SDK to support native ad mediation with other ad networks.

Public Methods

public protected abstract void /loadNativeAd(Context context, CustomEventNativeListener customEventNativeListener, Map<String,Object> localExtras, Map<String,String> serverExtras) /+2.2

  • Description: Issues an ad request. Should only be called after initializing the SDK with initializeSdk().

  • Parameters:

    • context: The current context.
    • customEventNativeListener: An Object that must be notified of certain lifecycle events.
    • localExtras: A Map containing additional custom data that is set within your application by calling MoPubNative.setLocalExtras(Map). Note that the localExtras Map is a copy of the Map supplied to MoPubNative.setLocalExtras(Map).
    • serverExtras: A Map containing additional custom data configurable on the MoPub website to associate with a given mediation adapter request. This data may be used to pass dynamic information, such as publisher IDs, without changes in application code.

public protected void /onInvalidate() /+5.3.0

  • Description: Destroys the current native object and unregisters any hanging references.

  • Parameters: None.

Last updated August 28, 2021

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