CustomEventRewardedVideo /3.5.0

public abstract class CustomEventRewardedVideo

A base class for custom events that support rewarded video ads. Implementing a subclass of CustomEventRewardedVideo() enables the MoPub SDK to support rewarded video ad mediation with other ad networks.

Public Methods

public protected CustomEventRewardedVideoListener /getVideoListenerForSdk() /+3.5.0-4.12.0

public protected abstract boolean /hasVideoAvailable() /+3.5.0-4.12.0

  • Deprecated.

  • Description: Legacy proxy for Overriding this method with code from the network SDK plays the rewarded video.

public protected boolean /isReady() /+4.12.0

  • Description: Description copied from class CustomEventRewardedAd. Implementers should query the 3rd-party SDK for whether the 3rd-party SDK and ID represented by the custom event is ready to be shown. Specified by isReady() in class CustomEventRewardedAd. Returns true if if a video is available to play; false otherwise.

  • Parameters: None.

public protected void /show() /+4.12.0

public protected abstract void /showVideo() /+3.5.0-4.12.0

  • Deprecated.

Last updated May 06, 2020

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