MoPubNative /2.0

public class MoPubNative

The object representing a MoPub native ad. This class is intended for a manual native ad integration. Refer here for additional implementation instructions. To use the ad placer, refer here.

Public Methods

public void /destroy() /+2.0

  • Description: Removes existing native ad instance in session. Used when finished showing an ad to free up existing resources.

  • Parameters: None.

public void /makeRequest() /+2.0

  • Description: Issues an ad request. Only called after initializing the SDK with initializeSdk().

  • Parameters: None.

public void /makeRequest(RequestParameters requestParameters) /+2.0

  • Description: Issues an ad request with the specified request parameters.

  • Parameters:

public void /makeRequest(RequestParameters requestParameters, Integer sequenceNumber) /+2.0

public void /registerAdRenderer(MoPubAdRenderer moPubAdRenderer) /+4.0.0

  • Description: Registers an ad renderer for rendering a specific native ad format.

  • Parameters: None.

public void /setLocalExtras(Map<String, Object> localExtras) /+2.2

  • Description: Specifies a map of key-value pairs on the current native ad object to be passed in the ad request for ad targeting. Used to append additional data for mediation.

  • Parameters:

    • localExtras: A map containing additional custom data a publisher can set by calling MoPubNative.setLocalExtras() from the app.

Last updated August 28, 2021

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