MoPubNativeAdPositioning /2.4.0

public final class MoPubNativeAdPositioning

Provides factory methods for setting up native ad positions. This class supports two types of positioning to use when placing ads into your stream:

  • Server positioning: The SDK connects to the MoPub server to determine the optimal positions for ads. These positions can also be configured using the MoPub Publisher UI. We recommend using server positioning, and it is the default if positioning is not specified when loading ads.

  • Client positioning: Requires positions to be hard-coded into the app. Fixed positions can be specified for ads, as well as at repeating intervals.

Public Methods

public static MoPubClientPositioning /clientPositioning() /+3.0.0

public static MoPubServerPositioning /serverPositioning() /+3.0.0

Last updated August 28, 2021

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