OnNetworkInitializationFinishedListener /5.5.0

public interface OnNetworkInitializationFinishedListener

An interface to be implemented by each mediation network in its AdapterConfiguration class when initializing its SDK.

Public Methods

public void /onNetworkInitializationFinished(Class<? extends AdapterConfiguration> clazz, MoPubErrorCode moPubErrorCode) /+5.5.0

  • Description: A listener the AdapterConfiguration class must call to notify the MoPub SDK once it has initialized the network SDK.

  • Parameters:

    • clazz: The class that calls OnNetworkInitializationFinishedListener.onNetworkInitializationFinished. Typically, this is the network’s AdapterConfiguration class.
    • moPubErrorCode: A code to indicate whether initialization has been successfully attempted or cancelled. Typically, use ADAPTER_INITIALIZATION_SUCCESS for success, and ADAPTER_CONFIGURATION_ERROR for failure.

Last updated August 28, 2021

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