Constants /5.7.1

global public constants

The following constants are available globally.

Public Constants

/kMPFlexibleAdSize /+5.8.0

  • Description: Constant denoting that the dimension should be flexible with respect to the container.

  • Declaration:

    extern const CGFloat kMPFlexibleAdSize

/kMPImpressionTrackedNotification /+5.7.1

  • Description: Notification fired when an impression is tracked. The ad unit ID will always be included in the NSNotification.userData dictionary. If the server returned impression data, the MPImpressionData object will be included in the NSNotification.userData dictionary. The sender can be determined by querying NSNotification.object.

  • Declaration:

    extern NSString *const kMPImpressionTrackedNotification

/kMPImpressionTrackedInfoImpressionDataKey /+5.7.1

  • Description: The MPImpressionData object for the given impression, or nil if the server did not send impression data with this impression.

  • Declaration:

    extern NSString *const kMPImpressionTrackedInfoImpressionDataKey

/kMPImpressionTrackedInfoAdUnitIDKey /+5.7.1

  • Description: The ad unit ID associated with the impression.

  • Declaration:

    extern NSString *const kMPImpressionTrackedInfoAdUnitIDKey

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