MPAdConversionTracker /1.11.1

@interface MPAdConversionTracker : NSObject

The MPAdConversionTracker class provides a mechanism for reporting application download (conversion) events to MoPub. This type of tracking is important for measuring the effectiveness of cross-promotional and Direct Serve advertising.

To track application downloads, get a reference to the shared instance of this class using the sharedConversionTracker method. Then, in your application delegate’s application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: method, call the reportApplicationOpenForApplicationID: method on the shared instance. With this call in place, the conversion tracker will report an event to MoPub whenever the application is launched on a given device for the first time. Any subsequent launches will not be recorded as conversion events.

Public Methods

Methods for Recording Conversions

+ /sharedConversionTracker /+1.11.1

  • Description: Returns the shared instance of the MPAdConversionTracker class.

  • Declaration:

    + (MPAdConversionTracker *)sharedConversionTracker;` 
  • Parameters: None.

-/reportApplicationOpenForApplicationID: /+1.11.1

  • Description: Notifies MoPub that a conversion event should be recorded for the application corresponding to the specified appID. A conversion event will only be reported once per application download, even if this method is called multiple times. The easiest way to find the correct ID for your application is to generate an iTunes URL using the iTunes Link Maker, and then extract the number immediately following the “id” string. For example, the iTunes URL for the “Find My Friends” application is, so its application ID is 466122094.

  • Declaration:

    - (void)reportApplicationOpenForApplicationID:(NSString *)appID;`
  • Parameters:

    • appID: An iTunes application ID.

Last updated August 28, 2021

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