MPMoPubAd /5.7.0

@protocol MPMoPubAd <NSObject>

This protocol defines functionality that is shared between all MoPub ads.

Public Properties

MPMoPubAdDelegate/delegate /+5.7.0

  • Description: All MoPub ads have a delegate to call back when certain events occur.

  • Declaration:

    @property (readwrite, nonatomic, nullable) id<MPMoPubAdDelegate> delegate;
  • Parameters: None.

Public Methods

- /mopubAd:didTrackImpressionWithImpressionData:impressionData /+5.7.0

  • Description: Called when an impression is fired on the MPMoPubAd instance. Includes information about the impression if applicable.

  • Declaration:

    - (void)mopubAd:(id<MPMoPubAd>)ad didTrackImpressionWithImpressionData:(MPImpressionData * _Nullable)impressionData;
  • Parameters:

    • ad: The MPMoPubAd instance that fired the impression.
    • impressionData: Information about the impression, or nil if the server didn’t return any information.

Last updated August 28, 2021

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