MPServerAdPositioning /3.0.0

@interface MPServerAdPositioning : MPAdPositioning

The MPServerAdPositioning class is a model that allows you to control the positions where native advertisements should appear within a stream. A server positioning object works in conjunction with an ad placer, telling the ad placer that it should retrieve positioning information from the MoPub ad server.

Unlike MPClientAdPositioning, which represents hard-coded positioning information, a server positioning object offers you the benefit of modifying your ad positions via the MoPub website, without rebuilding your application.

Public Methods

Creating a Server Positioning Object

+/positioning /+3.1.0

  • Description: Creates and returns a server positioning object. When an ad placer is set to use server positioning, it will ask the MoPub ad server for the positions where ads should be inserted into a given stream. These positioning values are configurable on the MoPub website.

  • Declaration:

    + (instancetype)positioning;
  • Parameters: None.

Last updated August 28, 2021

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