Set up new apps, fetch data, update or delete existing apps by making a request to the apps resource.

JSON Representation

   "name": "string",
   "key": "string",
   "package": "string",
   "primaryCategory": "string",
   "type": "string",
   "url": "string",
   "appLevelContentBlockingEnabled": "boolean",
   "overrideAccountLevelContentBlocks": "boolean",
   "coppaAcknowledged": "string"

Field Definitions

Name Description Required for Post (Create)
name app name Yes
key system generated unique id (read only) No
package Android only Yes
primaryCategory see Primary Categories below Yes
secondaryCategory see Secondary Categories below only if primaryCategory is ‘Games’
type ios or android Yes
url app store url Yes
appLevelContentBlockingEnabled Details No (will default to ‘false’)
overrideAccountLevelContentBlocks Details No
coppaAcknowledged Must be ‘true’ unless you are a registered MoPub COPPA publisher. Yes

GET (Read) returns all apps[FILTER]: see supported filters below[key]: uses an explicit object ID


If no filter is used, then all objects are returned in a list format. If the filter matches multiple objects, then a list format is returned.

Support filters:

  • key
  • name
  • package: Android only
  • url: Store URL
  • type
  • primary_category
  • secondary_category

POST (Create)

Example JSON for the body of the POST request. The url field will accept Apple Store or Google Play URLs.

    "coppaAcknowledged": true,
    "automatedFlow": true,
    "url": ""

A successful POST will return the JSON representation for the newly createdd application.

PUT (Update)

Usage Details The operation described here, ‘set’, will just take a dictionary in as “data” and update the object with the settings of that dictionary.

  • Uses http PUT method
  • Request body is json format (not form-data)
  • The response is the modified object

Supported Fields

  • name
  • platform
  • store url
  • primaryCategory
  • COPPA compliance


    "op": "set",
    "data": {
        "name": "New_Name"


Apps can be deleted by sending a DELETE request with the desired ad unit to delete appended to the end of the REST API endpoint. Please be aware the deleting an app will result in all associated ad units also being deleted.

Note: This delete is final. MoPub has no way to recover deleted apps or ad units.


App primary category options

  • books
  • business
  • education
  • entertainment
  • finance
  • games
  • healthcare_and_fitness
  • lifestyle
  • medical
  • music
  • navigation
  • photography
  • productivity
  • reference
  • social_networking
  • sports
  • travel
  • utilities
  • weather

App secondary category options

  • adventure
  • arcade_and_action:other
  • arcade_and_action:racing
  • arcade_and_action:shooter
  • auto_chess
  • bingo
  • blackjack
  • board_and_card:auto_chess
  • board_and_card:blackjack
  • board_and_card:competitive_board_games
  • board_and_card:poker
  • board_and_card:solitaire
  • brain_and_puzzle
  • brick_breaker
  • bubble_shooter
  • card
  • casino
  • coloring
  • competitive_board_games
  • crossword
  • endless_runner
  • hidden_objects
  • hypercasual:ball
  • hypercasual:io
  • hypercasual:music
  • hypercasual:other
  • hypercasual:puzzle
  • hypercasual:racing
  • hypercasual:shooter
  • hypercasual:sports
  • idle_games
  • jigsaw
  • match3
  • merge
  • other
  • physics
  • poker
  • resources_management
  • rpg
  • solitaire
  • simulation
  • slots
  • sports_games
  • story_based_apps
  • strategy
  • sudoku
  • tower_defense
  • trivia
  • word

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