Consent /5.0.0

public static class Consent

Class that represents the consent status.

Public Properties

public static bool /CanCollectPersonalInfo /+5.0.0

  • Description: Whether or not this app is allowed to collect personally identifiable information (PII) from the user.

public static Consent.Status /CurrentConsentStatus /+5.0.0

  • Description: The user’s current consent state for the app to collect personally identifiable information (PII). Refer to MoPub.Consent.Status for the values and their meanings.

public static bool /ShouldShowConsentDialog /+5.0.0

  • Description: Checks to see if a publisher should load and then show a consent dialog.

public static bool /IsConsentDialogReady /+5.4.0

  • Description: Flag indicating whether the MoPub consent dialog is currently loaded and showable.

public static bool? /IsGdprApplicable /+5.0.0

  • Description: Flag indicating whether data collection is subject to GDPR. Returns true if subject to GDPR; false if it is not, and null if unknown (that is, from startup until server responds during SDK initialization).

public static string /ConsentLanguageCode /+5.0.0

  • Description: Used to select an ISO language code (e.g., en-US) if you wish the CurrentVendorListUrl and CurrentConsentPrivacyPolicyUrl properties to point to a web resource that is localized to a specific language.

Public Methods

public static Status /FromString(string status) /+5.0.0

  • Description: Helper String to convert Android SDK consent status Strings to our Consent enum. Also handles integer values.

  • Parameters: None.

public static void /LoadConsentDialog() /+5.0.0

public static void /ShowConsentDialog() /+5.0.0

  • Description: If the MoPub consent dialog is loaded, this will take over the screen and show it.

  • Parameters: None.

public static void /ForceGdprApplicable() /+5.1.0

  • Description: Forces the SDK to treat this app as being in a GDPR region. Setting this permanently forces GDPR rules for this user unless this app is uninstalled or the data for this app is cleared.

  • Parameters: None.

Last updated August 28, 2021

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