Manage Ad Partners

With MoPub Mediation, you can maximize revenue and increase fill rate by making ad requests to multiple ad networks. Refer to the list of our supported network partners with compatible SDK adapters, adapter versions, and ad formats.

Use the Ad partners page to set up each of your network partners either as an Advanced Bidding connection (if supported), or as a traditional network connection. If you have beem approved for MoPub Marketplace, you will notice that MoPub Marketplace is already activated for you by default.

Connect Ad Networks

MoPub Self Serve Ad Partners

  1. Navigate to Ad partners in the left panel.

  2. In the Ad partners page, click New network in the top right corner. The New network partner page displays.

    MoPub Self Serve Ad Partners New Network Partner

  3. Select the networks with which you want to work. For each network you add, be sure that you have first created a user account directly with that network.

    Note: MoPub Self Serve does not enable you to work with unsupported networks (that is, you cannot work with any networks that are not listed in the New network partner page).

  4. For each network you choose, insert your corresponding account credentials and authorize (required).

    MoPub Self Serve Ad Partners New Network Vungle

  5. For each network you choose, you must follow the instructions in the next section to integrate its SDKs and MoPub’s adapters for it.

You can toggle each ad partner on and off the Ad partners page after each network is set up. Traditional networks support multiple network ad units to optimize ad revenue. Our Auto CPM feature automatically updates the CPMs for all traditional networks by default.

All the ad partners you add on this page are automatically available for you to monetize with in the Manage Partners module in the Mediation tab of any ad format.

Integrate Ad Network SDKs and MoPub’s Adapters

For each ad network you add, integrate both that network’s SDK and MoPub’s certified adapter into your project. Our Mediation Integration Tool provides a quick and easy integration approach.

Simply select the ad networks you want to mediate, and generate the code required for your app setup:

Understand Auto CPM

Use Auto CPM to maximize revenue and save time by automating the task of updating network CPMs to reflect the demand for your ad inventory. Auto CPM enables MoPub to regularly adjust network CPMs based on the historical data we collect from the network.

It may take a day or two for Auto CPM to first become active. To start you off, we set the ad network’s CPM to $.05.

Auto CPM on Self Serve calculation uses a weighted seven-day average CPM based on historical country and network ID data. In MoPub Self Serve, each country is given a unique CPM.

Learn more about Auto CPM here.

Last updated September 20, 2021

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