Use Reporting to view, create, and run reports to track your monetization. The the All Reports page displays reports you’ve created so far.

MoPub Go Reports

View a Report

Reports run on a schedule if you have saved them to do so, and are emailed to any addresses you specified when creating the report. To see the latest data, in the All Reports page, click the report’s name to open the report.

Run a Report

Although reports run on a schedule if you specified one, you can run them ad-hoc to see the freshed data as follows:

  1. In the All Reports page, click the report’s name to open the report.
  2. Optionally make edits to the report.
  3. In the report, click Save & Schedule in the upper right corner.
  4. In the Save your report page, click Save report. This saves any changes you may have made, and runs it.

Edit an Existing Report

The steps to edit an existing report are the same as those to Run a Report in the preceding section.

Create a Report

  1. In the All Reports page, click Create report. The New report page displays. Here, you can manipulate the options to fine-tune your report. Note that if you hover your pointer over any column with an “information” (ⓘ) or “warning” (⚠) symbol next to its name, and an explanation displays, as shown below over the DAU metric.

    MoPub Go Reports Info

    You can also consult the MoPub Glossary for any unfamiliar industry terms.

  2. Examine the New report page. Select a metric, such as Est. Revenue or eCPM, and the graph changes, along with the breakdown options on the right.

    MoPub Go Reports New

    Notice that to the right of all the report metric choices listed along the top is a gear icon; click it to specify which six main metrics you want to display.

    MoPub Go Reports Metrics

    Scrolling down a little takes you to a tabular display of the corresponding data. To the right of the table, you can select the dimension and metrics you want to include in the table.

  3. Specify a date range or apply filters using the buttons at the very top of the page.

    MoPub Go Reports Date Range

    MoPub Go Reports Filter

  4. When you are ready to save or run the report, click Save & Schedule in the top right corner of the New report page.

  5. In the Save your report page, enter a name for your report, optionally schedule an automatic delivery of this report in .CSV format to any email addresses you provide, and click Save report. If you did not schedule automatic runs, clicking Save report performs an immediate one-time run of the report.

    MoPub Go Reports Save No ScheduleMoPub Go Reports Save with Schedule

Export, Duplicate, Rename, or Delete a Report

The options to export a report to a .CSV file, duplicate an existing report, rename an existing report, or delete a report are in the drop list next to the Save & Schedule button.

MoPub Go Reports Export Duplicate and More

Last updated September 20, 2021

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