Add SKAdNetwork IDs to your app
Discard custom ID entries?

How to use this tool

There are three ways to specify how you want to get the SKAdNetwork IDs. You can use a specific method, or any combination of them. Regardless of which method(s) you use, all SKAdNetwork IDs will be deduplicated on your behalf. You can then add them to your app's info.plist.
  • Official Partners
    From the chipset, select one or more partners officially supported by MoPub. MoPub is pre-selected by default.
  • Custom SKAdNetwork IDs
    Optionally, you can provide your own list of comma-separated SKAdNetwork IDs that we can help parse and include in the final list of IDs. Note that this option must be accompanied by either of the other two input sources.
  • Custom JSON
    Optionally, you can provide a list of comma-separated URLs pointing to custom JSON of SKAdNetwork IDs hosted by third parties. Ensure that the URL is valid and ends in .json. In case of a bad URL, the system will gracefully fail and move on.

Note that, due to existing limitations on URL lengths (~2000 characters), we cannot accept requests that are too long.

SKAdNetwork IDs Manager

The SKAdNetwork IDs Manager helps you integrate SKAdNetwork IDs from MoPub and MoPub's supported partners. You can also add additional SKAdNetwork IDs using the "Advanced Options" feature.

If you are building your app with v5.14.0+ of the MoPub SDK and iOS 14, use this tool to add SKAdNetwork IDs to your app's info.plist