Creatives Flagging Tool

Note: This tool has been removed in the 5.12 SDK.

You can report undesirable ad experiences directly to MoPub with the MoPub Creative Flagging tool.

The MoPub Creative Flagging tool gives publishers more control over creative violations as they happen. When the ad creative comes from a direct ad source or MoPub Marketplace, you can now perform a simple gesture directly on the creative to send MoPub the required ad information we need to diagnose and shut down most offending ads. The ad creative must be served through the MoPub SDK.

Note: To use the MoPub Creative Flagging tool, you must be on MoPub SDK version 1.16+ for iOS and 4.8+ for Android.

Report a Creative

To report a creative the user swipes from left to right, and right to left at least four times in the ad view, keeping the finger in a straight line. This will launch a new email addressed to with the following contents:

  1. Screenshot

  2. HTML payload

  3. Device and creative information

On iOS, this information will be sent as attachments. On Android this information will be sent in the body of the email and in attachments.

To escalate a problem with creatives, please make sure to copy your account team or visit the Support Center and file a ticket.

When you do flag a creative, please provide some context around why you find this ad to be a violation in the email (for example, offensive, broken, blank ad).


The creative flagging tool only works on Direct Serve, custom networks(JS tags), and marketplace. It will not work with sdk mediated ad networks. If you are unable to get the function to work, check the following:

  • Make sure that all of your swipes are within the actual ad. We don’t count swipes that leave the ad view.

  • Make sure that each swipe goes through at least ? of the screen width.

  • Make sure that your swipes are completely horizontal (left to right, right to left).

  • Make sure that you have a valid email client installed and have a valid email account configured.

Last updated August 28, 2021

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